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In this game, you play as Control Foreman Buzz. Your goal is to make sure the skeith is well-fed with no radioactive snacks. Sort to win!

Controls and Instructions

In this game, you must pick up jellies from the conveyor belt and drop them in the correct vat by color. Let the normal food items through to the skeith. You lose a life when the skeith eats a jelly or when you drop a jelly into the wrong color vat. Be careful, as you only get 5 lives!

Hungry Skeith Screenshot

Use the arrow keys to move, and the spacebar to pick up or drop a food. Remember the location of each vat. The red vat is directly on top of you (press up). The blue vat is in the middle (press up, right). The green vat is the right-most one (press up, right, right). You can also drop items on the conveyor belt at the back of the machine to delay them (press up, left).

You can also move sideways along the conveyor belt. By sitting where they appear, you can pick up a jelly earlier and have more time to sort it and get back to the conveyor belt for the next jelly. There are three spots to move on the conveyor belt: left, middle, and right. You start in the right spot in front of the skeith.

Here is the scoring system:

Red Jelly
3 pts

Blue Jelly
5 pts

Green Jelly
8 pts

You advance to the next level by sorting a level-specific number of jellies. There are 10 possible levels.

Level by Level Guide

Level # of Jellies to Sort Goal Score Strategy
1 5 40 Go for green only. You may want to restart your game if your first jelly isn't green. Put red and blue jellies on the back of the machine.
2 10 100 Put red jellies on the back of the machine. Depending on your skill level, you may want to stop sorting blue jellies too after you've sorted 5-8 other jellies. Try to make your 10th sorted jelly green by waiting.
3 15 175 Sort any jellies for the first 5. Then, start sorting only blue and green. Once you've sorted 10-13 jellies, sort only green afterwards.
4-6 20, 25, 30 Any Sort any jellies until the end of the level. For the last few or one jelly, try using the drop-back strategy to go for green.
7-10 35, 40, 45, 50 Any Sort any jellies to stay alive since the conveyor belt will move very fast. You will probably reach 1,000 points in Level 8 or 9.

Tips and Strategies

Conserve lives. The conveyor belt speeds up each level, so you may need your lives later on just to finish. Later levels give more points than the early levels, so moving on is vital to scoring. If you're trying for the avatar or trophy and lose a life in the first 3 levels, restart.

Pick up jellies early. When you first start out, try to work from the left-most spot on the conveyor belt to get jellies early. As the conveyor belt gets faster, you may have to move to the middle or right spot to catch jellies. Try to stay as far left on the conveyor belt as you can handle throughout your game.

Sort green jellies. To get a high score or earn the avatar, you need to try to sort green jellies rather than red ones. This can be tricky, but doable in early levels. When you see a jelly you don't want to sort, drop it at the back of the machine instead (press up, left).

The jelly will get back to you shortly so you'll need to be quick. This strategy is key to earning the avatar.


Once you get the main strategy down, unfortunately this game is mostly luck. If you are presented with a lot of green jellies, you'll get a higher score than if you are presented with lots of red jellies. Keep practicing your strategy and accuracy so you're ready when you get that lucky game. Good luck!

Written by Hyperknuckles & Lamppost
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