Dreams and Nightmares

A magical mirror is calling for you! Dreams and Nightmares linger in it's depths. Join this adventure and see what you'll find.

The Dreams and Nightmares Mystery Capsule Adventure is the latest to emerge from within the NC Mall. In this adventure there will be 8 mystery capsules, 4 will be themed to Dreams and the other 4 will be themed to Nightmares. Now it's time to see what dreams and nightmares are waiting from within the mirror.

Buying and Using the Dreams and Nightmares Capsules

Each of the 8 Dreams and Nightmares Mystery Capsule will be released periodically between August 28, 2014 and October 5, 2014. These Capsules are Limited Editions and must be purchased in the time period stated underneath each capsule. Trading for the capsules will not count towards the bonus items at the end. This adventure will have three bonus items that can be obtained. The first bonus will be for purchasing all 4 of the Dreams capsules and the second bonus will be for purchasing all 4 of the Nightmare capsules. If you purchase all 8 of the different capsules you will receive the third bonus prize for this event. Only one of each bonus prize will be awarded to each account if you qualify. You do not need to purchase the capsules in a particular order, but keep in mind that they are only available for a limited period of time. So to qualify for your bonus and fully participate in this event, be sure to get your capsules before they retire.

The Dreams and Nightmare Mystery Capsules can be purchased from the NC Mall using NC. Once purchased, simply go to your Inventory and open the capsule to receive your items. Hopefully you'll get one of the limited edition items within each capsule you open. To track your progress in this event you can visit the Dreams and Nightmares main page.

Additionally you may participate in this event on your side accounts. For more information on this event please visit the FAQ.

Dreams and Nightmares Capsules and Items

The capsules in this event will be Dream Lands Mystery Capsule, Nightmare Lands Mystery Capsule, Dream Wonderclaw Mystery Capsule, Nightmare Wonderclaw Mystery Capsule, Dream Heroes and Villains Mystery Capsule, Nightmare Heroes and Villains Mystery Capsule, Best of Dreams Mystery Capsule and Worst Nightmare Mystery Capsule.

Dream Mystery Capsules

Dream Lands Mystery Capsule (August 28th - September 7th)

Dream Wonderclaw Mystery Capsule (September 4th - September 14th)

Dream Heroes and Villains Mystery Capsule (September 12th - September 23rd)

Best of Dreams Mystery Capsule (September 26th - October 8th)

Nightmare Mystery Capsules

Nightmare Lands Mystery Capsule (September 1st - September 11th)

Nightmare Wonderclaw Mystery Capsule (September 8th - September 18th)

Nightmare Heroes and Villains Mystery Capsule (September 16th - September 26th)

Worst Nightmare Mystery Capsule (September 30 - October 13)

Bonus Prizes

Event Bonus Items
Written by Mouseykins
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