Halloween '13

This year, we got a few different events to celebrate the spookiest of all holidays, Halloween! Check out all the exciting coverage below!

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Julien's Tasting Kitchen

It appears there is a prestigious Food Club making their presence known in Neopia! The Spooky Shindig Society, based in Neovania, is celebrating their favored specialty cuisine, Spooky Foods! Four contestants are battling against each other - with the help of spectators such as yourself - in order to win the grand prize. The person catering this event is Chef Julien, and he has arranged some backstage activities to let you taste the food prior to going through to the contestants. In order to taste, however, you will need to purchase Tasting Spoons from the NC Mall which can be bought singly, or in a pack of seven. No-one said being an expert taster was going to be cheap! However, the plump Chef de Cuisine is also giving away prizes for your time (as well as satisfying some of your pet's hunger)! Listed below are the items awarded for using Tasting Spoons on certain days.

The Daily Prizes

Runic Doors

Now that you've solved all of the Magic Melodies, it's time to explore the Perilous Catacombs. While exploring the Catacombs, you may come upon special Runic Doors. In order to get through these doors, you will need to have a special scroll purchased from the NC Mall. Though there are two different scrolls, a Purple one and a Blue one, they can each be used on any of the doors and will award the same prizes.

The Runic Doors can be found on the glowing squares of the catacombs maps, as seen here:

If you have purchased a scroll and activated it in your inventory by "reading" it, you will be able to open the door and receive an exclusive NC prize!


There are 10 possible prizes you can receive from opening the Runic Doors. They are awarded randomly, so if you open multiple doors, there is a chance that you may receive multiples of the same item. The prizes are as follows:

Haunted Hijinks

Haunted Hijinks is back for another year! From October 16th through October 31st 2013, users can purchase Menacing Mallet packs consisting of either 1 or 16 mallets from the NC Mall. Once you've activated your pack, you can head over to the Haunted Hijinks Game and use your mallet to bop a ghost. Each day, a different prize will be released for bopping that day's ghost. For the 4th and 13th ghost you bop, you will receive a special Spyder Web Gift Box, and if you participate for all 16 days of the event, you will be awarded a special bonus prize at the end!

The Prizes

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