AC8 Fanatic's Museum

Once again the AC VIP Passes have returned! Starting on June 2nd, participants can purchase tickets to gain access to four exclusive areas in Sir Techo Fanatic's Museum. These areas are: Scholars Retreat, Yooyu Gardens, Make Some Noise Hall and The Winning Look

In order to participate in the Altador Cup VIP Pass event, players can purchase tickets for each of the exclusive rooms they wish to visit. Each ticket costs 700NC and will grant the player access to that area to collect prizes for 7 days. Starting June 2nd, tickets for the first area will be available. Each ticket can claim 7 days worth of prizes from that room. Every Sunday during the Altador Cup, a new exclusive area in the Fanatic's Museum will open. Tickets are only available for a limited time. Players can choose to purchase all four tickets or to purchase tickets only for their favorite areas.

Once you have purchased your ticket, go to your inventory to activate it. Upon activating your first ticket, you will receive a sign-up bonus, which includes three team-specific items for your team. Visit the special area your ticket gives you access to for seven days to collect the prizes. Don't worry if you miss a day; you can still collect your prizes until the end of the Altador Cup.

Collectors Corner Flashback Pass

New this year is the Fanatics Museum Collectors Corner Flashback Pass. This pass is used to access the Collectors Corner Flashback area to receive previously released Altador Cup NC items. These prizes will only be released every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the month of June. Participants will need to purchase a Fanatics Museum Collectors Corner Flashback Pass from the NC Mall for 600NC. Participants only need to purchase one pass to access each days items in a specific access area.

Flashback Corner

The VIP Prizes

Scholar's Retreat

Winning Look

Make Some Noise Hall

Yooyu Gardens

Team Sign-Up Bonuses

Altador Brightvale Darigan Citadel Faerieland
Haunted Woods Kiko Lake Krawk Island Kreludor
Lost Desert Maraqua Meridell Moltara
Mystery Island Roo Island Shenkuu Terror Mountain
Tyrannia Virtupets
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