Melida's Journey: Training Guide

Melida is a blue Scorchio with the following stats:

  • Level: 20
  • HP: 47
  • Strength: 50
  • Defense: 49
  • Movement: 25

To start, Melida realized she didn't really know how weapon icons translated into damage, so she checked out the Introduction to the Battledome, where she learned how damage and defense work. There, she learned that icons were multiplied by boosts, but she didn't know much about boosts, so she looked at the Strength & Defense Boosts guide.

Looking at that guide, Melida learned that she was very close to a new strength boost, but she didn't know the best way to get there! So, she went to the Battlepedia's Fast Training Guide. Melida learned that she couldn't train until she increased her level to be at least half of her HP, so she wondered if there might be another way to train. She found the other methods of training and item training guides.

"Wow," Melida said to herself, "those are some expensive items! Item training might make sense for my friend Gorman, who keeps getting zapped by the lab ray and is nowhere near being able to train. But it would only cost me a few thousand NP to increase my level by training, so that's what I'll do! Once I do, I'll start training my strength and defense to get to the 55 boost. Plus, I'll keep working on Kitchen Quests and visiting Coltzans Shrine, and I'll probably be at a new boost in no time."

Once she had a plan for training, Melida started wondering about weapons. She found two weapons in her SDB, but she didn't know what they did or how good they were, so she searched for them in the Battlepedia. To start, she looked up the Basic Rubber Axe. "Oh," she exclaimed, "3 icons! Is that a lot?" She looked again at the page and saw that someone had reviewed the weapon, and the average rating was 1/10. She realized, "That must not be very good. I hope my other weapons are better!"

Melida looked up the other weapon she found, a Snowager Sword. "Oh boy!" she said excitedly. "That has a rating of 7/10! That might be good!" But Melida wasn't sure, and she didn't know what other weapons she should get. She spotted the Battlepedia's Basic Weapon Sets Guide. "Ooh, the Snowager Sword is a recommended weapon. I can probably stick with that," Melida decided. She still wasn't quite sure what to do about other weapons. "I don't have a lot of NP right now," Melida mused. "I guess I'd better stick with the Beginner weapons for now. But I'm definitely going to start saving for the weapons in the Intermediate set. As I get more NP, I can upgrade my weapons to the ones in the next highest set! In fact, I could probably afford some of the cheaper ones now - or at least after the deflation after the plot!"

Melida noticed something about faerie abilities in the introductory guide. "I wonder if I should get some faerie abilities. I bet they're really expensive," she speculated. But then she noticed the Faerie Abilities guide. She read about how to be blessed with bottled faeries and get trained at Aethia's Ability Academy. "Oh!" she exclaimed. "These really aren't very expensive at all! I can even get one ability for free! I'd better look into buying some bottled faeries to get some even better abilities!"

Armed with the knowledge that the Battlepedia could answer all of her Battledome-related questions, Melida felt confident that she could handle any battle plot that TNT threw at her!

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Written by Lamppost
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