Treasure Maps

Treasure map
Arr! Ye be seeking treasure?

What are they?

Treasure Maps are pieces of maps (broken into 9 pieces) which when collected and put together give out various prizes. There are 7 maps in total, but this article only focuses on 5: the Original, Spooky, Underwater, Space and Forgotten Shore Maps. The articles on the Laboratory Map and the PetPet Map can be found elsewhere on TDN.

Buying Treasure Maps

Treasure Maps are items, packaged in separate pieces. They can be bought and sold in user shops, in trades and in auctions. All Maps of the same set are of the same name, so when searching on the Shop Wizard, be sure to check which Map you are buying. Please also keep in mind that Map Pieces can be stolen by Random Events, so watch out!

Redeeming Maps

Maps are redeemed at the Treasure Maps page, accessible through the Luck & Chance section of the Games Room. If you have a Map piece in your Inventory, it will show up in the appropriate section. Once redeemed, the map disappears and you cannot use it again or resell it.

The Maps

The Original Map

Cost: approx. 400k (10 - 50k per piece)
Search For: "Piece of a Treasure Map"
Prizes: approx 10k np; Random items with rarites between 60-100
Notes: Probably not worth it. The cost of the Map usually outweighs the prizes.

The Spooky Map

Cost: approx. 120-150k (1-22k per piece with one unbuyable/ 90k+)
Search For: "Spooky Treasure Map"
Prizes: approx. 10k np; 9 Spooky Foods (mostly junk - some gems)
Notes: May be worth a gamble may give Snorkle Snout, etc.

The Underwater Map

Cost: approx. 5-8 millions (350 - 500k per piece)
Search For: "Underwater Map Piece"
Prizes: approx. 10k np; 9 Aquatic Foods; level gain for all pets
Notes: Most expensive Map, as it's retired. As such, you won't find it in REs. As prices stray into the millions, the cost greatly overshadows the prizes.

The Space Map

Cost: approx. 3.75 million (250 - 400k per piece)
Search For: "Space Map"
Prizes: approx. 5k np; PetPets, BD Items, Foods, Toys, Furniture; level gain for all pets
Notes: Again retired. Again probably not worth it.

The Forgotten Shore Map

Cost: approx 0-1k (due to their availability from Anchor Management, prices have plummeted)
Search For: "Forgotten Shore Map Piece"
Prizes: 10k and you gain access to a Forgotten Shore Daily .
Notes: Was first released on September 2nd 2011 and you can win pieces for free by visiting the Anchor Management in Krawk Island.


The prizes and prices are just approximations, and are correct at the time of the writing of this guide. Prices can fluctuate greatly. Generally, Treasure Maps are not worth it, but if you've got some spare cash on hand, they're always fun to buy and redeem. Don't base your entire money-making scheme on Maps, but occasionally take a risk - life's always more fun that way.

Written by Eric
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