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Roll 'em up! Roll 'em up! It's time to play Tombola ! Tombola is one of the many Neopets Dailies that's viewed as a classic since it's been around so long. It's simple: draw a ticket and see if you've won anything!

If you manage to get a ticket ending in a 0, 2 or 5 you will win a "valuable" prize and some neopoints!

If you don't win a main prize, there's still a chance that you will receive a booby prize (and if the Tombola Guy is feeling generous, a small amount of neopoints.)


The Tombola Guy is unavailable during certain hours of the day. He leaves for one hour at a time (3-4am, 1-2pm, 9-10pm) and puts up a sign that says "Closed. Back in an hour or so."

The Tombola Guy can also run out of prizes. When that happens, he will not give out any tickets until users donate enough Neopoints for him to buy more prizes. This is a communal donation pool, so you can either donate a couple neopoints to help out or come back later when other users have donated enough.


Main Prizes

Battle Magic
Gross Food
Magic Items

Booby Prizes

Tombola Coins

What is a Tombola Coin, you say? A Tombola coin is what you used to need to play Tombola, but that was a long time ago. Now, the game is free and Tombola coins are just souvenirs. Here is a list of all the old Tombola coins for historical value:


That's all there is to this simple daily. Why not test your luck for today and draw a ticket ?

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