Neopies - Best of 2019


The Neopies (pronounced nee-oh-peeas) are back for 2020, now looking back on 2019, keeping the format of the previous years, the Neopies .

Every day a New Category is released until the event ends on February 22nd, 2020. Each category lasts 3 days and you can send in your votes once daily to earn a special prize.

Returning this year, users can also take part in an NC VIP Raffle that awards exclusive NC prizes! Tickets for the raffle are being sold in the NC Mall , so get yours today!

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Neopies - Best of 2019
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Neopies Coverage

If you are unable to vote, please enable Flash for Neopets in your respective browser.
For help on how to do that, take a look at our walkthrough here.

Finalists and Winners

Best New Neopet Colour (February 3rd - February 6th)

Origami Techo

Mosaic Grarrl

Steampunk Blumaroo

Oil Paint Peophin

Best Species Specific Outfit (February 5th - February 7th)

Gnorbu Snowbeast

Candy Ruki

Witch Eyrie

Mermaid Flotsam

Best Advent Animation (February 6th - February 8th)

Day 9

Day 19

Day 11

Day 21

Best Advent Prize (February 7th - February 9th)

High Tea in the Woods

Soup Faerie Stamp

The Giant Omelette: Myths and Folktales

Christmas Shop Window Display Background

Best Neopoint Background (February 8th - February 10th)

Neopies After-Party Background

Maraqua Sunken Ship Background

Classy Minimal Boudoir

Carnival of Terror Entrance

Best Neopoint Wearable (February 9th - February 11th)

Dreamy Faerie Dress

Negg Stand Foreground

Tree of Love

Yooyu Trellis Arch Gate

Best Site Event (February 10th - February 12th)

Halloween Costume Competition

Daily Dare

Hannah and the Lost Time Capsules

Living with Less

Best Mystery Capsule (February 11th - February 13th)

The 20th Anniversary Mystery Capsule

Retired Wonderclaw Mystery Capsule

NC Mall 12th Birthday Iridescent Mystery Capsule

Retired Altador Cup Mystery Capsule

Best Caption Image (February 12th - February 14th)

Hubrid Hijinks - 1427

Campfire Stories - 1423

Valentine’s Day Balloons - 1419

Treadmill Terrors - 1420

Best NC Wearable (February 13th - February 15th)

Lighthouse Background

Dewy Butterfly Bubbles

Cosy Baby Onesie

Floral Golden Gateway

Best NC Feature (February 14th - February 16th)

Lulu in Space

Haunted Mansion

Mysterious Magical Neggs

Forgotten Relics of Altador

Best New Avatar (February 15th - February 17th)

20 Year Celebration Avatar

Robot Vandagyre Avatar

Royalboy Lutari Avatar

L&L - Bravo, Aurrick Avatar

Best Premium Collectible Item (February 16th - February 18th)

Best Prize Pool Update (February 17th - February 19th)

Cooking Pot

Qasalan Expellibox

Trudy's Surprise

Best New Petpet Color (February 18th - February 20th)

Royal Fir

Tyrannian Snomorg

Pirate Marafin

Valentine Splime

Best Neopoint Item (February 19th - February 21st)


AAA Coin

Elderly Apple


Voters will receive a prize for each category they vote in. These can be any of the following...


Neopians who voted for every category on their day of release will recieve a bonus prize for casting votes.

VIP Raffle

Beginning on February 18th, 2020, users were able to purchase tickets to the VIP Raffle. Each day until February 10th, an additional prize bag will become available. Choose to open any of the available backs from any of the days, and you'll be awarded an exclusive NC prize!

The Tickets

Raffle tickets are available in packs of 1 or 7. Note that only one 7-Pack can be purchased per account, granting you access to each of the prizes. You may purchase as many 1-packs as you like, even if you've already purcased a 7-pack, and you can feel free to buy tickets on your sides as well.

Once you've activated your pack, head over to the VIP Raffle and choose your prize bag. Each day for seven days, a new bag will become available, meaning you'll have the most options to choose from on Day 7. You can choose any of the bags from the current or previous days when you pick your prize, and the prizes are also all unique, so you won't get any duplicates! Unfortunately, which prizes are in which bag are different for every user, so there's no telling what you've won until you open the bag.

The Prizes

There are seven possible prizes to be won. Using either a 7-Pack or seven 1-Packs will ensure you receive one of each prize!

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