Lulu in Space

Lulu is all geared up to explore the Virtupets Space Station. With a few special skills, she has managed to procure access cards to the - ahem - restricted chambers in the lowermost levels of the floating structure. If you want to know what's behind all the closed doors, pick up the coveted access cards from the NC Mall and follow Lulu as she uncovers the mysteries of the space station.

In order to participate in Lulu in Space, you'll need to purchase packs of Virtupets Access Keys from the NC Mall. They are available for purchase in the Specialty NC Mall shop in packs of 1, 5, 10 and 20. Once you have purchased your entry pack, go over to your Inventory to activate them. From there you can proceed to the Lulu in Space page. Use your Access Keys to join Lulu on her adventure.

For joining Lulu, she'll award you with a special NC Mall wearable item with door you explore with her. You'll be able to receive your prizes from July 31st to August 21st, 2018. Access keys are able to be applied to previous days allowing you to view that days' prize before making your selection. Be sure to use your entry packs before the event ends and the page is taken down!

Each door can only be entered once and extra activations cannot be redeemed or returned. We recommend not activating more keys than you need to reach 21 to avoid wasting NC. For example, you could buy two 10-packs and a 5-pack, but you'd only be able to use 21/25 keys, wasting 4 keys.

Daily Prizes

-July 31 / August 1-
Sparkler Gun
-August 2-
Prismatic Makeup
-August 3-
Space Visor
-August 6-
Galaxy Swirl Wig
-August 10-
Neocola Machine
-August 11-
Official Lab Coat
-August 14-
Moon Shoes
-August 15-
Ultimate Jetpack
-August 18-
Futuristic Dress
-August 19-
Plasma Tape Player
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