Giant Jelly

Standing in a place of pride within the town center of Jelly World , stands the enormous Giant Jelly . Just like the Giant Omelette, it is totally free to grab a slice of the Jelly each day to feed your Neopets!

Giant Jelly

Simply visit the Jelly each day and click on 'Grab some Jelly'.

Jelly Guard
The Jelly Keeper says 'Remember... only one helping per day!'

As the great old Jelly Keeper says (who is a Wocky), you may only grab one slice per day. However, when you feed this to your pet, you are left with half a portion left, meaning that each Jelly equals two portions of food! How cool is that? Once you've eaten part of it, go back to your inventory to find the other half. This half counts as another item, and can be sold/traded/donated just like any normal food item! :)

There are 44 items that it will spit out (including a few Trifles), with some rarer than others. This page only lists items that you can get from the Giant Jelly, but there are more jellies items that you can find around Neopia.

The Giant Jelly can award you...

Special Jelly Types

Poisonous Jelly

Poisonous Jelly
Just as the name might suggest to you, this is a poisonous jelly! Do not feed it to your pet. Chances are, it will make them very sick (with Neomonia) and won't even fill them up. ;) However, if the disease is relatively cheap to cure and it's a good idea to feed your pet with Poisonous Jelly if you pet have caught a rare and expensive to cure disease.

Glowing Jelly

Glowing Jelly
It's been reported by a few people that feeding their pet with a Glowing Jelly turned them into the Glowing color permanently (just as a paint brush would do). If you care about the color of your pet, do not feed them Glowing Jelly!

The Giant Jelly has been eaten!

Occasionally throughout the day, the Jelly Keeper blocks you from grabbing a slice; you have to wait for the Jelly to set again, ready for the next batch! This happens randomly, and coming back in an hour or two may let you grab a bowl of the Jelly again, just be patient!


Have fun with your free food - make sure it's on your dailies list!

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