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Lately, more and more people have come to our forums to ask for advice on what to do when they have been frozen. Several reasons have come up such as cheating on flash games, making money on a side account, account has been stolen by someone else, and using bots, amongst others.

This guide is simply here to help you before you get frozen, to assure yourself of the fact that you might get your account back a bit quicker and easier in case you get frozen. Since there are many different reasons to get frozen for, I'll treat them all separately. TNT does not always give your account back; in fact, they stated that they hardly ever do at the bottom of Editorial #384. This article is written purely for the fair, honest players that are afraid to get frozen for their activities when they did not do anything wrong.

Neo Cop
If you really are cheating, there is no escape from me!

Frozen for "Cheating on Flash Games"

This happens quite often when people submit higher scores than usual for flash games. With cheating TNT does not mean using the codes they provide, as listed on our Master Cheat List. Cheating in flash games means that you do not play the game, but submit a score through another website/program. This is possible and sadly happens a lot too.

Now, if people get frozen for cheating they often come here and ask us what to do, since they were entirely legitimate and didn't cheat at all. Many people have lost their account by submitting a high score that they worked on for hours, which would then get reviewed and their account would be frozen as a result. What can you do to get your account back when you have legitimately worked hard for a score?

First of all you need to know what TNT looks at. They tend to look at time (did you submit your score in a very quick time, say 4 seconds while you were playing Spellseeker with a score of 100,000+?) and see whether it is suspicious or not. Next to that they look at the score and determine if it is even possible. (For example, I have seen people on the high score list for Fashion Fever with 307 points; of course they have been frozen). TNT immediately freezes everyone with a little suspicion, not only these extreme cases as I mentioned before.

TNT will always tell you they have evidence for what you did; however they will never show it. You can show them your evidence if you have any. There are many ways to collect evidence for playing a good game!

The most reliable evidence is a video. We understand however that you are not going to make a video of every game you play. Therefore I'd suggest to only make a video when you see you are reaching a higher score. There are a few free, good screen recorders available for download. Look on Google for Debut video recorder or Hypercam free download. Whenever you think you are starting to get a great score, pause the game (or wait in between levels) and start recording the rest of the game.

You can upload any video with a nice score to YouTube or just keep the video stored on your computer. Make sure to keep it, especially if your score is going to be reviewed. Make sure, too, that you can clearly see your username and/or your Neopets on the video!

Another way, that is less accepted by TNT, is by providing screenshots. If you do not know how to make screenshots, look in our Screenshot Guide. You can take screenshots throughout the game, and when you submit your score. Make sure to store them either online or on a safe place on your computer, especially when your score is being reviewed.

Frozen for "Using a Bot"

Sometimes you hear of people who are frozen for using a bot. A bot is something that does anything automatically for you, like refreshing or buying cheap items from shops. Usually people who are frozen for using a bot are restockers, who refresh over and over again to get an item from a shop. They might also be people who collect avatars and are trying to get a random avatar by refreshing the page all the time.

So what can you do when you are either of those people? Well, in case of avatar refreshing, just take a break now and then, and don't click with constant intervals in between (such as every 2 seconds, don't do this!). If you are a restocker, I'd suggest taking screenshots of your best buys so that TNT can see you are not using a program to 'snatch' those items out of the store! If you do not know how to make screenshots, look in our Screenshot Guide. Keep a petpage with those screenshots for your own sanity.

Frozen for "Making Money on Side Accounts"

Some people did not read the rules on side accounts correctly and are making money on several side accounts, even though you are only allowed to make NP's on a main account. For more information on side accounts, you can look here. However, some people get frozen for this when there is more than one person at the same location playing Neopets, which is very unfortunate.

If you know that there are any others playing Neopets at the same location as you, for example a roommate or a sibling, always state this on your profile. TNT has stated in the Editorial that they will not listen to that, but it might clear up some things after all.

Frozen for "Protection"

Frozen for protection warning
At least they cannot do any more harm to my account...

You get frozen for protection when TNT thinks your account got scammed. To prevent being scammed, look at our guide. They have not frozen you for any offence and you can get your account back by filling out all information they require. You can fill out a form here. The things they ask for are usually the following:

  • Username of the account
  • Email of the account
  • Why you should get your account back (give valid reasons)

Those are general questions to see who we are talking about. The next couple of questions are to proof that the account is really yours. It is a good idea to copy this list into a text editing program, and fill it out for yourself even when you are not frozen.

  • Who are your neofriends? State a couple.
  • Past trades/auctions
  • Birthdate (DD/MM/YYYY)
  • Previous email addresses
  • Neomails in inbox (also state when it is empty)
  • Stocks you currently own
  • Items in your Inventory or Safety Deposit Box
  • Items equipped on any of your pets (state the pet + which items)
  • Pets you created, not adopted
  • Pets you have pounded
  • Have you ever had a warning? (Say no if you never had one)
  • What did you get for redeeming rare item codes?
  • Any further information - This could be anything related to your account.

As I said before this little list, it is a good idea to make a list of this yourself and keep it updated once a month. Take these questions into an editor and fill them out as well as possible. You don't have to state a thousand items in your SDB, just state a couple that are more special than a berry or a bombfish: items that are worth something and not very common.

After you have filled out this form there will be a very good chance you can get your account back, especially if you are only frozen for protection, which means they just do not want your pets to get stolen or your NP to be spent on useless items.


You can get frozen for many things, but some things are really unacceptable. Things like love role playing and having bad talk on the neoboards, for example, are things TNT always has proof of. However, if you did nothing wrong and you just want to play on and be an honest player, I'm sure TNT will let you. Just keep on nagging them in case you get frozen, and use any of the above material to show that you're being honest.

In case you did get frozen and only read this afterwards, keep on trying your account back or start fresh! Who knows, maybe these tips will help you in the near future to keep your Neopets spirit high. I wish you all the best on getting your account back!

Written by Viridian
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