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This is a game that revolves around spelling. This can be a fun game to play because it is not as hard as most other games, but it does require you to think. You play as the Kacheek whose job it is to let the qualified scholars through the gate, and to send away the unqualified Neopians. If your primary language isn't English, this game will definitely suit you because it has a selection of languages to play with.

Controls & Instructions

To play this game, you simply use the up and down arrows on your keyboard; the up arrow allows the qualified scholars to enter the gate, and the down arrow sends the unqualified Neopians away.

Here is an example of the screen you will see:

Example screen

The screen is split into 4 areas:

A: The status bar. (Explained more below)
B: This is the word you must judge. If the word is spelled correctly, then you press up to allow the scholar to enter; if it is spelled incorrectly, press down to send them away.
C: This is the queue of Neopians, mixed with both scholars and unqualified Neopians. (Note: the appearance of Neopians does not effect the outcome)
D: This is you.

The status bar is made up with 5 important pieces of information.

Stage: This is the stage number that you are on.
Score: This is your score.
Time Left: How much time you have left to complete the level. If the time runs out, it's game over.
Needed: This is how many scholars you need to accept to pass the level.
Chances: These are your lives. They will decrease if you let an unqualified Neopian into the gate.


  • The needed number of scholars increases each level, though the time does not.
  • Most important tip, your chances (lives) won't decrease if you send a scholar away but you will lose 5 points for doing so. When you are are not sure on the word, always send away.
  • If you are more advanced, try the harder levels for a bigger challenge.

Word List

This is a list of all the words in Imperial Exam sorted alphabetically. Only the correctly spelled words are listed. (List compiled by Grant.)

action even knowledge oxygen until
actually forehead library piece unused
also further little place usually
beginner galaxy lively quick value
between guard market really without
chief happen myself record working
concern hero night shadow worry
definite imagine notice sneeze yawn
develop interest numb their yellow
error jump occur these zero
accomplish equivalent kingdom peninsula televise
aggressive foundry legitimate perjury university
attach graffiti lonely phonetic useful
boundary grateful lying quantity vegetable
brilliant himself management receiver volcano
category humorous messenger restaurant volunteer
cemetery immense niece satellites warrant
different imminent nineteenth secretary weird
disaster journeys obstacle separate yield
eighth kindness occurrence targeted younger
administration emission incompatibilities octahedron uncertainty
adolescent enhancement independent omnivorous unconsciousness
attendance exaggerated kindergarten perseverance unsurprisingly
bankruptcy extraterrestrials knowledgeable predecessor unwieldy
besieging fundamentals laborious reminiscent vigilance
bureaucracy furthermore likelihood reversible weaponry
canister garrulous manufacturing signatory withdrawal
carnivorous genealogy millennium souvenirs xylophone
desiccated hieroglyphics negligible threshold yourselves
disobedience honorific nutrients trustworthiness zucchini


This can be a hard game, but it does get a lot easier. If you keep playing, you will see that words are repeated. Keep practicing, get more experienced and try the harder levels. If you're fast, and can complete the game, you may end up with a shiny new trophy!

Written by Paul
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