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NP Ratio: 2.78
2780 pts :: 1000 NP


In this game, we find ourselves playing as a very hungry pink Quiggle. Unfortunately, getting food at the pond isn't easy. You must use your skills to get your delicious insect dinner.

Controls & Instructions

In order to maneuver the Quiggle, you must use the left and right arrow keys. You can't move forward or backward, so your only control to remember besides these is the space bar. The space bar makes the Quiggle stick out its tongue to eat.

To finish a level, eat all of the flies! If you die, the level will be reset and your points will carry over. Complete all ten levels in order to beat the game!

Tips & Strategies

Familiarize yourself with the flies. Not all of the flies are the same, and just randomly eating flies will get you nowhere. The flies that are worth the most points are purple, and they are at the end of the fly chains. Next would be the red flies, and these are at the front of the fly chains. All of the other flies are normal, and will give you 2 points. Always aim for the blue flies, because these can make your score climb quickly.

Don't waste your time with the lilies. Each lily is worth 1 point, but it takes 5 lashings to eat it. The only reason you should eat one of these is to move it out of the flies' way.

Get used to the bees. These are an important factor in the game. Bees can cause you to either score quickly or die quickly. Each bee is worth 20 points, and they charge towards the bottom of the screen randomly throughout the game. In the earlier levels, they are slow and predictable, which means that it is very easy to eat them. Watch out though, these bees learn quickly. In the later levels of the game, the bees are fast. If you are shooting for the fancy gold trophy, it is impossible to continue avoiding the bees. However, if you are just playing for Neopoints, eating the bees isn't necessary in the later levels.

If you are aiming for a trophy, you need to know how to spend your time wisely in the game. When you get to level 10, use up all of your extra lives repeating the level. Having extra lives doesn't give you any sort of bonus, so finishing the game early wouldn't be a good idea. The best part about dying purposely on level 10 is that you have a while to eat bees. Once you've eaten all but one fly you can aim at bees for the remainder of the level. You will automatically die once the last fly gets far enough down the screen to touch you.


To receive an important extra life, type in "deliciousflies" during game play.


Flycatcher is a great game. It is tons of fun, and Neopets didn't do a bad job turning an old game into a Neopets game. Remember to only eat the purple flies, and to eat as many bees as you can, and you will surely have a shiny trophy soon!

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