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NP Ratio: 12.50
12500 pts :: 1000 NP


Your job in this game is to keep the guests at Gadgadsbogen happy and having a wonderful time. You play as Rufus, the Grand Bogen and you must seat, serve and clean up after the guests. As you continue on in the game you'll unlock more types of guests and more berries to serve them.

Controls & Instructions

The Basics

You only need your mouse for this game, so make sure you have a good working mouse, touchpad, or tablet, whatever gives you the most control of your cursor. You're going to need it.

When you first start the game, you will be presented with a basic tutorial. It will walk you through your first customer. However, to make this as easy to understand as possible, we'll go through the step by step process of taking care of a guest.

Berry Bash layout

First, click the guest and drag them over to the table. Then click on the guest at the table to take their order. You will see a thought bubble over their head with the type of berry they want. Look below the table at the bushes; a corresponding berry should have grown there. Simply click on the berry, and then click on the customer that ordered that berry. (Notice that you can carry more than one berry at once. This will come in handy in the later levels.) When the guest is finished eating, click on them to clean up their mess and send them on their way.

Berry Bash Berries


There are four actions you will perform for a guest: seating them, taking their order, serving them, and cleaning up their mess. Each task you preform will increase your score, and upon completing all four tasks, the guest will leave happy and your berry meter will increase. When the meter is filled, you will advance to the next level and gain access to a new type of berry. The points you earn for each task are outlined below. More difficult guests will give more points than easy to please guests.

Tourist Tourist: A laid back, easy to please guest that gives great tips, but doesn't fill your berry meter very much.
  • Seating: 4 pts
  • Taking Order: 8 pts
  • Serving: 12 pts
  • Cleaning Up/Tip: 20 pts
  • Total: 44 pts
Island Native Island Native: A bit more demanding than Tourists, Natives don't have much money for tips, but will fill your berry meter much faster.
  • Seating: 2 pts
  • Taking Order: 4 pts
  • Serving: 6 pts
  • Cleaning Up/Tip: 30 pts
  • Total: 42 pts
Elder: The Elders are very cocky and demand perfect service all the time, they are the most difficult to please, but will give the biggest rewards of all.
  • Seating: 6 pts
  • Taking Order: 12 pts
  • Serving: 24 pts
  • Cleaning Up/Tip: 40 pts
  • Total: 82 pts

Tips & Strategies

As mentioned above, the main way to excel in this game is to have a clean, well-working mouse. It will make all the difference. If you seem to be getting behind at the beginning (before the first level up), you should restart.

Try to be exact in your clicking. Click only once in the correct place. Don't click a million times while you're waiting for a berry to grow; it only tires your finger and slows you down.

Keep Rufus moving. You don't need to wait for a guest to finish eating to seat a different guest. Use the time while guests are deciding what to order or eating to help other guests.

To make the most of your time in this game, use pairs. You can take two orders at a time and carry two berries at a time, so you can maximize your available time by seating two customers close together, taking their orders one right after the other, picking up their berries at the same time, and serving them right after one another. You can find a rhythm by serving pairs.

If you want a trophy in this game, it's best to keep the game going, even if it means you're losing berry meter points. You can keep seating and feeding guests while not advancing in the levels. Around Level 3, when you have four types of berries, start trying to keep your berry meter about halfway filled. To do this, occasionally seat, take orders, and feed guests but don't clean up after them. You get the points from completing all the previous steps, but the guests will get angry and walk away with some of your berry meter points. By doing this, you can keep the game going as long as you want. When you think you have a score high enough for a trophy, stop the game and submit your score.


All in all, this game is a basic, featureless version of many other restaurant serving games out there. If you really love this game, there are similar ones available on other game websites or platforms. Just look for time management games!

Written by Ryan & Lamppost
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