Winter Holiday '12

This Holiday Season was celebrated with three NC Mall events for Neopians to participate in. Stocking Stufftacular returned this year, along with two all new events.

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Stocking Stufftacular

Stocking Stufftacular is an annual NC Mall event which is running for the fourth time in 2012. As usual, stockings must be hung prior to the day the prizes are awarded, and cannot be moved once placed. Introduced in 2010, once again users can hang up to five stockings for any particular day in order to receive five copies of the prize, however bonuses are exempt from this rule and only one per person will be given out.

Also returning this year is the Stuff a Stocking Community Challenge. Each stocking hung throughout Neopia will count toward the "Full of Cheer" goal. If the goal is met by December 31st, anyone who hung at least one stocking will receive a bonus prize!

It is highly recommended users read the FAQ on this event before purchasing a stocking pack. As with many NC events, you are allowed to participate on side accounts.

The Daily Prizes

Stocking Stufftacular will be starting on December 7th, with the first prize released on December 8th. On December 11 there was a glitch causing the prize for December 17th to be released early.

December 8 December 9 December 10 December 11 December 12
Bonus for hanging stockings December 8-12
December 13 December 14 December 15 December 16 December 17
Bonus for hanging stockings December 13-17
December 18 December 19 December 20 December 21 December 22
Bonus for hanging stockings December 18-22
December 23 December 24 December 25 December 26 December 27
Bonus for hanging stockings December 23-27
December 28 December 29 December 30 December 31 January 1
Bonus for hanging stockings December 28 - January 1
Stuff a Stocking Community Challenge

Holiday Snowballs

As an addition to the Advent Calendar, the Holiday Snowball search has kicked off. This event is similar to the Mini Negg Hunt featured in the Festival of Neggs 2012.

During the daily collection of Advent Calendar prizes, players are rewarded with a Holiday Snowball when they find the clickable snowflake in the animation. Finding a Holiday Snowball everyday is not guaranteed.

When found, the Holiday Snowball will appear in your regular Neopoint inventory. These snowballs are "no trade" items, meaning they cannot be sold or donated.

A Holiday Snowball can be melted into an exclusive NeoCash item by purchasing Really Warm Holiday Mittens for 125NC. The Really Warm Holiday Mittens are a one use item and will disappear after melting one snowball. For each Holiday Snowball you want to melt you will need a pair of the Really Warm Holiday Mittens. These mittens will only be available in the NC Mall until January 6, 2014.

How to Melt a Holiday Snowball

Once a Holiday Snowball is in your inventory, head on over to the NC Mall Specialty shop to purchase a pair of Really Warm Holiday Mittens. Go to your inventory page and click on your Holiday Snowball. From the drop-down menu select 'Melt this snowball' and click Submit.

After you have melted your snowball, a new pop-up window will display your prizes. There is also a chance of being awarded a bonus prize as well.

For more information on this event it is highly recommended that you read over theFAQ.

Exclusive Prizes

Important Note: Participants who melt every Holiday Snowball they find with the Really Warm Holiday Mittens will receive each exclusive NC item. Participants can only receive each prize once, and you will receive all of the prizes. There will be no duplicates!

Holiday Snowglobes

In addition to all the Month of Celebrating Activities, Holiday Snowglobe's are available for purchase from the NC Mall for 150NC each. These snowglobe's are similar to how Mystery Capusles work. The only difference being the prizes available are exclusive to the Snowglobe.

After purchasing a snowglobe, it will be put into your Neopoint Inventory. From there you can shake your snowglobe to receive your exclusive item. A bonus item can also be awarded from shaking a snowglobe.

Exclusive Prizes

Gothic Holiday Snowglobe

Lighted Holiday Snowglobe

Winter Holiday Snowglobe
Written by Mouseykins
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