The Desert Jewel

As you stand outside the mysterious battle supplies stall, you wonder why you haven’t noticed it earlier. Then you spot a shadowy figure by it and you recognize him from your previous encounter. He is a shady character, moving in and out of shadows. Now it makes sense why you might have missed seeing the stall altogether. You take a few steps towards it. You look closely and you notice a bejeweled casket sitting among his many weapons from varied lands. It glistens when it catches the sun’s rays. What lies inside, you wonder. Could it be something rare that you are not likely to find anywhere else? Could it be something others would hesitate to sell? Who can tell? The only way to find out is to grab a box.

How it Works

The Desert jewel is an NC tie-in to the Lyra and the Lost Heirloom Plot that will run until January 18th, 2019. To participate, you need to purchase Bejeweled Caskets from the NC Mall .

Once you purchase the caskets, they are added to your inventory. You won't see multi-packs when you view your inventory, only 1-Packs. So if you buy a 10-Pack, it will actually be delivered as 10 1-Packs. Once they're in your inventory, you're ready to go, no activation required! Head over to the Shady Merchant in Sakhmet and click on the Bejeweled Casket in the Shady Merchant's stall then slimply click "open" to get your prizes!

The Prizes

For each casket you open, you'll receive two NC prizes, one that's exclusive to the event, and one other random NC item. If you wish to see all the items you've already received, you can click on the shopping bag.

Exclusive Prizes

Non-Exclusive Prizes

Clothing and Shoes
Background and Trinkets
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