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The Styling Studio feature was released on January 23, 2024 along with a brand new character; Umbra Penn the Lutari, who runs the studio. This feature brought about the much awaited ability to re-create the beloved unconverted (UC for short) pet art style that we all have come to love & have been requesting a revival on for many years. This brought to us 250+ different colors/Pet Styles; some that we all were familiar with & a few that were never released!

At Umbra's studio you will be able to change the appearance of your pet by purchasing NC Styling Studio Supplies that will change the style of your pets to look like one of the classic, or "nostalgic" UC pets that were previous unavailable after April 26, 2007.

To create a brand new look for your pet you'll have to head over to the Styling Studio where you can browse all the available Pet Styles. You will also need to purchase some Styling Studio Supplies to be able to obtain a Pet Style. The supplies can be purchased directly from the Styling Studio unless you are interested in a 5-bundle, in which case they must be purchased from the NC Mall.

UC Conversion FAQ

Styling Studio FAQ

Styling Chamber FAQ

Styling Studio Supplies

There are two different types of supplies you can purchase to use in the Styling Studio; Styling Studio Supplies & Deluxe Styling Studio Supplies.

Styling Studio Supplies allows you to obtain a random style from the list of currently available wearables for the species of your choice. For example; at release the Acara had Darigan, Faerie, & Grey available as styles for it's species. This item would reward you ONE random style from that list if you chose the Acara as the species.

Deluxe Styling Studio Supplies allows you to obtain one of any available styles of your choice for any selected pet species. For example; at release the Acara had Darigan, Faerie, & Grey available as styles for it's species. This item would allow you to choose one of those styles from that list.

NOTE: You can only purchase pet styles for a pet species that you currently own.

Styling Studio - Getting Started

When arriving at the Styling Studio Umbra will present you with a list of pet species.

Any pet species that are in color can be chosen. Once you've decided on a species you'd like to get a style for, you can click on it to get a list of all available styles.

Click I'm Interested! to continue onto which pet(s) the style can be applied to & what type of supply you'd like to use. You can purchase the basic one-pack from the Styling Studio at this time or use an already owned supply. If you have a supply in your inventory ready to use, it will show up with a green checkmark.

NOTE: Supplies will show up in the NC section of your inventory when purchased from the NC Mall.

After clicking I'm Ready you'll be taken to the final confirmation screen. Double check that the correct pet & style you want is selected & then hit I'm Sure!

Once confirmed Umbra will go straight to work creating your selected style! Once done the style will of been applied to that selected pet & you will be shown a preview.

NOTE: If the pet you applied the style to was wearing items that are not compatible with the Nostalgic pet style wearables the item(s) will be removed from the pet & will appear back in your closet.

After the style has been applied you are able to view your pet's lookup or style more pets. Any pet that has a style applied to them will still show the original color they were on their lookup. So if you applied a Nostalgic Faerie Draik wearable to a Marble Draik it would still classify & list as a Marble Draik but look like a Nostalgic Faerie Draik.

Styling Chamber - Removing & Adding a Pet Style

I'm sure you're wondering with all the amazing new ways to style your pets, can I have more than one? The answer is a super excited yes! By going to the Styling Chamber not only can you see what Styles you own but you can add & remove a style from any of your current pets & even remove the style from your chamber into your inventory.

NOTE: Pet Style's themselves (referred to as "Tokens") can be traded using gift boxes when removed from your chamber & placed in your inventory. They also can be placed in your SDB & Gallery.

Inside the Styling Chamber you'll see a scroll-able list of all your pets. You can click on each pet to see what Styles you currently have in your chamber & what styles are currently applied.

To remove the style click on the one that has the black Wearing label in the poses section & select Remove Style.

To add a style to a pet or remove it from your chamber click on a style that is not applied to a pet to get the options Apply to Pet or Move to Inventory

Pet Styles

Pet Styles will always be available in the Styling Studio in sets of three at a time. These three style will only be available for a period of time until Umbra gets bored of painting them in which case a new set of three styles will come to the studio.

There are a few select Pet Styles that will always be available to you in the studio. These styles will stay there no matter what three rotating styles are in the studio at a given time. There are other styles that were released to the site & given to users that already had unconverted pets at the time of the Styling Studios release. The only way to obtain styles that are not currently in the Styling Studio (either from the always available styles or rotating 3 styles) is to trade with other users.

You can find a list of all the Pet Styles here!

As Pet Styles are removed & added to the Styling Studio the amount of styles available per species can change significantly, sometimes a specific species of pet will not have any available Pet Styles. It is advised to purchase a basic Styling Studio Supplies when a pet has one available style as you are gauranteed that specific style. You can check back here as the Styling Studio releases new styles to see the current rotation of pets with only one option available or pets with no options available.

Current Pets W/ No Styles; Hissi, Ruki, Lutari, Ogrin, Tonu, Vandagyre, Xweetok & Yurble.

Current Pets W/ One Style; Bori, Chia, Gnorbu, Jetsam, Lenny, Meerca, Nimmo, Pteri, Skeith, Techo, Tuskaninny & Wocky.

Current Pet Styles


Always Available Pet Styles

-Alien Aisha-
-Coconut Jubjub-
-Jelly Styles-
-Mallow Grundo-
-MSP Poogle-
-Quigukiboy Quiggle-
-Quigukigirl Quiggle-
-Sponge Styles-
-Usukiboy Usul-
-Usukigirl Usul-

Something Shiny!

User's that owned pets that were born prior to April 26, 2007 recieved a shiny Old Pet Trophy that was placed on the lookup of that eligible pet. If you qualify for the trophy it will be rewarded to all applicable pets after you've logged in & visited the Neopets Homepage. You'll encounter an announcement pop-up informing you of the Styling Studio & then should recieve your trophy.

Written by Muscial_Shoyru
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