Special Weapons

Most of the weapons on Neopets either attack, defend, reflect, freeze, steal, or heal. There are just a few weapons that have special effects, most of which will be covered in this article. Some items, like poisonous items, are rather self-explanatory.

Special Weapons
Intelligence Requirements - Self Reflectors - HP Drainers - Self Damagers - Pet, Petpet, Weapon Changers - Item Generators - Disablers

Lab Ray
This won't hurt one bit...

Intelligence Requirements

Some weapons have an added effect when either you or your opponent have the required intelligence. Note that the item will still work even if the requirements are not met (just without the special other effects). The majority of these items restock in Brightvale. Brightvale Armoury items may have an intelligence requirement for the user, while items from Royal Potionary may have an intelligence requirement for the opponent.

Here are the potions that do extra icons when used against an opponent whose intelligence is equal to or above the item's activation parameter. Remember that all 1 Player Opponents have an intelligence of Dull!

Intelligence Potions

The special effects of the robes and armour from Brightvale Armoury only activate when your intelligence meets or exceeds the intelligence requirement of the item. (There are a few exceptions, like Red Suede Boots.) Here are a few examples. The Heavy Robe of Theivery also requires a high agility.

Intelligence Armour

Self Reflectors

Some weapons attack with reflected icons. These icons are un-blockable and uses your strength boost if you click first in 2-P. If you click second in a 2-P or are in a 1 Player battle (you always click second in 1P) then it uses your opponent's strength boost. Again, here are a few examples.

Self Reflectors

HP Drainers

HP Drainers can be very powerful because they are unblockable. This is not to be confused with direct damage, like Hubrids Puzzle Box, which doesn't transfer the health back to you. These weapons work more like Drain Life: stealing and healing HP.

HP Drainers

Self Damage

Yes, some weapons actually can do damage to yourself. I don't know why you would want these kind of weapons, but here are a few.

Self Damage

Pet, Petpet, Weapon Changers

These weapons are all about changing some aspect of your opponent (and/or you) besides HP. Eraser of the Dark Faerie erases a random item from your opponent's set. Chia Flour and Kacheek Flour turn your opponent into a Chia and Kacheek, respectively. Slorg Flakes turn your opponent's petpet into a slorg. Scroll Potion drains 5 intelligence points from your opponent (2-P Only). Strange Potion changes the gender of your opponent and is used by the Lab Ray Scientist. Pocket Lab Ray simulates the lab ray, but that is so uncommon (Cove item) that you probably won't see use one in your life.

Permanent Changers

Item Generators

Quite a few weapons generate other weapons to use. The generated weapons are only for the battle (you do not get to keep generated if you do not use them). Almost all of these weapons are really bad (with the exception of Rod of Dark Nova and Snowglobe Staff), but here are a few.

Item Generators


Disablers disable the use of one of your opponents weapons. (Duh!) Most of these weapons are terribly expensive due to being retired.



Well, that's it! Have fun with these oddities!

Lab Ray Scientist
I'M NOT AN ODDITY! I'M JUST...strange....

Written by Crimson
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