Space Faerie Challenger Guide

"The Space Faerie has been honing her skills ever since the defeat of Dr. Sloth,
and she hopes to win and carry home the grand prize!"

A recluse, rarely seen in Neopian public, the Space Faerie loves to battle. She is always up for a fight, but beware - she deals quite a punch!

Getting the Space Faerie as a Challenger

You will receive the Space Faerie as a battledome challeger when you redeem a Neopets merchandise code. These codes come with the real life Neopets products - they cost real money. If you don't live in a country where Neopets products are sold, or you cannot afford to buy an item to get a code, you can try asking on the Neoboards. Sometimes generous members give their codes away, to help out those who cannot get their own.

Wand of the Space Faerie Space Faerie Mushroom Space Faerie Plushie

When you start looking on the boards it is better if you already have a pet who is capable of beating the faerie. Often people prefer to give the codes to others who have already chance with her, rather than those that still need to train.

Recommended Minimum Stats

Because the Space Faerie does pack such a heavy punch, your pet will need some good battle stats before you even think about taking her on. Here's a run down of the minimum stats you'll want your pet to have.

Recommended Stats
Level At least 50 for the faerie abilities.
Hit Points 200+ is best, though you can beat her with lower with a little bit of luck.
Strength At least 125 for the boost, but the higher the better.
Defense For a cautious approach, get the 55 boost - this is less important though.

Faerie Abilities

There are a few Faerie Abilities that can be useful in a battle against the Space Faerie. It isn't strictly necessary for your pet to have them - it is possible to beat her without them - but they will make the fight easier. The most often recommended abilities are:

Static Cling
Static Cling
Level 1, Free
Positive Thinking
Positive Thinking
Level 10, 4 light icon
An Icicle
An Icicle
Level 25, 10 water icon
Lens Flare
Lens Flare
Level 50, 15 light icon

Another ability that can sometimes be helpful for your pet to have is Warlock's Rage (Level 200).

Opponent Weapons

Click on the weapon to view it on The Daily Neopets Items Database.

Attack Fork

Stone Hourglass

Supersize Gargantuplex

Jade Scorchstone

Wand of the Space Faerie

Exploding Space Bugs

Space Faerie Sun Wand

Space Faerie Helmet

Useful Weapons

As with any fight, the weapons you chose for the battle are very important. Here's a run-down of some of the weapons that you may want to consider getting for your showdown with the Space Faerie!

Scroll of Freezing

Scroll of Freezing
A 100% freezer, this scroll will freeze the Space Faerie for one round. This weapon is fragile, and there is a chance that it will break forever - if you have the neopoints a more durable 100% freezer is the H4000 Helmet. Either one will work. The best part is you can use this in conjunction with the ability Lens Flare, effectively freezing the Space Faerie for two rounds.

Prickly Potion

Prickly Potion
This is a nifty little potion which is perfect for taking on the Space Faerie, especially if your pet is on the weaker side strength-wise, as it uses her own strength against her! Note: Prickly Potion is not currently working in the new Battledome.

Thick Smoke Bomb

Thick Smoke Bomb
A single use defense item, this bomb will negate all the damage inflicted on you by the Space Faerie for one turn - effectively giving you a free shot to do her some serious damage.

Dual Battle Mirror

Dual Battle Mirror
A good cheap weapon, this mirror will reflect half the light icons that the Space Faerie may attack you with right back at her. Similarly, Turbo Flame Reflector could also help by reflecting fire. If you have the extra Neopoints, a Pirate Captains Hat or a Shadow Shield can be good as well.

Smelly Dung Muffin

Smelly Dung Muffin
Dealing a nice 15 icons of damage, these muffins are one-use items. This muffin, Icy Muffin, or Ornate Fighting Fan exploit the Space Faerie's weakness inability to defend against water, earth and air. If you plan to use them while the Space Faerie is frozen, any 15-icon bomb could be used instead.

Lucky Robots Foot

Lucky Robots Foot
If your pet is a little low on Hit Points you may also want to consider getting a healer for the battle. This foot will heal your pet back to full health, but remember - this is a single use item so it will vanish.

The Space Faerie Avatar

The first time you beat the Space Faerie you will be awarded the Space Faerie avatar for use on the Neoboards. This much-coveted avatar is supposedly the hardest of the battledome avatars to obtain, and is a symbol of battling skill. Don't forget to check it off here at The Daily Neopets.

Written by Izzy
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