Snow Beast Challenger Guide

The Snow Beast is the powerhouse of massive water and air damage. Because it can freeze, it's quite difficult for mid-range battlers to keep up. To defeat such an opponent you could use a bit of strategy and a lot of patience.

Snow Beast attacking

Getting the Snow Beast as a challenger is even more difficult than fighting him. Several reports shows that it may take you days, weeks or even months to obtain him. Others are lucky enough to get him while paying Cliffhanger. But still, the most successful way of finding him is by refreshing (patiently) in the Advent Calendar. I would suggest using multiple tabs to increase the chances of finding him.

Recommended Stats

Recommended Stats
Level At least 50 for the faerie abilities.
Hit Points Minimum of 85 HP, but the higher the better.
Strength At least 125 for the boost. 200 is even better.
Defense Minimum of 55 boost, but the higher, the better.

Faerie Abilities

Positive Thinking
Positive Thinking
Level 10, 4 light icon
An Icicle
An Icicle
Level 25, 10 water icon
Lens Flare
Lens Flare
Level 50, 15 light icon

Opponent Weapons

Click on the weapon to view it on The Daily Neopets Items Database.

Bubble Beam

Rainbow Gun


Supersize Gargantuplex

Jade Scorchstone

Werelupe Claw Necklace

Snowbeast Horn

Block of Ice

Useful Weapons

Bow of the Fire Faerie

The Snow Beast's weapons only permit him to defend against physical and dark, so he is vulnerable to all other icon types. Bow of the Fire Faerie is an 11-icon weapon that avoids both of these icon types. However, the physical and dark defense in the Snow Beast's weapons is weak, almost any weapon that has a lot of icons will serve you well. Scroll of Knowledge is one of the best buyable constants. If you're looking to spend more NP, you can't go wrong with stronger weapons like Barbat Throwing Star, Altador Cup Throwing Star, Dr. Sloths Personal Bath Buddy, or any constant on our Basic Weapon Sets guide.

Scroll of Freezing

Freezing the Snow Beast can help you do lots of damage without worrying about taking lots of damage. Scroll of Freezing is a good 100% freezer, but it's fragile. If you're looking for something more long-term, you can invest in more reliable freezer like Randomly Firing Freeze Ray or a H4000 Helmet.

U-Bend of Great Justice

Water Reflector
A water reflector allows you to turn the Snow Beast's strong water attack back on himself. U-Bend of Great Justice is the best water reflector around.

Double Dryer

Air Reflector
Similar to the water reflector, an air reflector protects you against those strong air attacks from the Snow Beast while causing him damage. A Double Dryer would do good but if you are very rich you may want a Triple Turbo Dryer

Robot Muffin

A bomb lets you hit hard, harder than your constants. One-use 15-icon muffins make excellent bombs. For the Snow Beast, if you're using the muffins while he's not frozen, avoid those that have both dark and physical icons because of the potential of blocking them. Cheap ones include Robot Muffin, Brain Muffin, and Icy Muffin. For a multi-use bomb, you can invest in Rainbow Clockwork Grundo or Ghostkerbomb.

Greater Healing Scroll

Healing could make the difference between victory and defeat in this battle. Greater Healing Scroll or Rejuvenating Jar of Brains could serve you well.

The Battle

The Snow Beast can hit hard and fast, as well as freeze you with his weapons. To avoid this, start out by attack with your Constant + Freezer + Lens Flare. Provided the Snow Beast doesn't use his Shhhhhhhhh... ability, you shouldn't take any damage.

Since you used your freezer on the Snow Beast the last turn, Turn 2 is your opportunity to hit really hard. Depending on your chosen weapons, use your 15-icon muffin x2 or your Bomb + Constant paired with an attack faerie ability like An Icicle.

At this point, the Snow Beast should only have about half of his HP, while you should have all of yours. From here, you can use your reflectors and An Icicle, healing when you need it. If you have a lot of HP left and/or are feeling brave, use your constant. Good luck!


Snow Beast trophy

With enough patience you will be able to defeat this challenger and obtain this shiny trophy for your cabinet.

Special thanks to darkwarrior1234 for contributing to this guide.

Written by BlackJaguar
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