Meuka Challenger Guide

"Meuka slithers out of your Neopets nose and challenges you to a battle in the BATTLEDOME!!!!!!"

A rather disgusting creature, Meuka enjoys scaring young Neopets in the battledome - in between turning their favourite teddy into snot that is!

Getting Meuka as a Challenger

To get Meuka as a challenger you will need a pet with either Sneezles or Neoflu. The easiest way to make your pet sick with one of these diseases (er, that sounds bad doesn't it?) is to spin the Wheel of Misfortune, and land on the "POX" symbol. While the disease you get from it is random, you're bound to get the right one eventually! Once one of your pets has the disease simply visit the Quickref page to receive the challenger.

Meuka Snot Gloves Meuka Pinata Meuka Snot Shield

Recommended Minimum Stats

Horrible as he is, Meuka can be quite a difficult opponent to beat - especially if your pet's stats are a little on the low side. Here are some basic minimums you may wish to get to before taking him on.

Recommended Stats
Level Over the values for whichever Faerie Abilities you want, but otherwise it doesn't really matter.
Hit Points Upwards of 45 and you should be fine.
Strength At least 35 for the boost, but of course the higher the better.
Defense If you want to, get the 20 point boost but don't worry too much if you're just under that.

Faerie Abilities

As with any battle there are a few Faerie Abilities that can be helpful. They aren't essential but they will make the fight easier. Probably the best to have are:

Static Cling
Static Cling
Level 1, Free
Positive Thinking
Positive Thinking
Level 10, 4 light icon
An Icicle
An Icicle
Level 25, 10 water icon

Opponent Weapons

Click on the weapon to view it on The Daily Neopets Items Database.

Downsize Power Plus

Golden Scorchstone

Evil Muffin

Radioactive Muffin

Meuka Snot Gloves

Meuka Snot Shield

Meuka Snot Gun

Meukas Snot Trail

Useful Weapons

Your choice of equipment is, of course, very important. Here are some weapons and things that you might find useful.

Thrown Slushie Cup
A good freezer is always useful, and Meuka is no exception! This single-use freezer can come in handy for your important battles. If you're looking for a multi-use freezer, consider Snowglobe Staff, Randomly Firing Freeze Ray or, if you want a 100% freezer, the Scroll of Freezing.

Purple Sticky Hand

Purple Sticky Hand
Having a stealing weapon is a good idea in your battle with Meuka as he's got some very nice items that are just waiting to be stolen!

Leaf Shield

Leaf Shield
This shield is great for beginner battlers, and is very effective against Meuka as it blocks the type of icons that he favors. A Parasol of Unfortunate Demise, Sophies Magic Hat or an Ice Dagger is useful against Meuka's muffins.

Lesser Healing Scroll

Lesser Healing Scroll
This is a good cheap healer, which will give you back 25 health points during the battle. You could upgrade to a Greater Healing Scroll if you wish to heal more points.

Jar of Meepit Eyes

Jar of Meepit Eyes
Bombs are particularly useful against Meuka so you will want to get a few of these for the battle, even though they are one use items. Radioactive Muffins are another good option that exploits Meuka's weakness against light and dark icons. Alternatively, you could use any 15-icon bomb such as Robot Muffin, Darigan Muffin, Icy Muffin, or Swift Darkfire Negg Bomb.

Gilded War Hammer

Gilded War Hammer
Constants are essential for most battles. This or Golden Compass also helps block the dark from Meuka's muffins.

Flask of Liquid Light
While this weapon is much stronger for 2-player battles, it's pretty useful against Meuka. It will deal a constant 6 light icons, and Meuka's only defense against light is Downsize Power Plus, which is a one-use item. For its low price, it could come in handy!


Downsize is great for all battles. If you want a full blocker, look at the one-use Thick Smoke Bomb.

The Meuka - Snotty Avatar

When you beat Meuka for the first time you will be awarded the Meuka - Snotty avatar, which you can use on the Neoboards if you want to. Don't forget to check this avatar off at NeoAvatars at The Daily Neopets.

Thanks to Miss, who helped contribute to this guide!

Written by Izzy
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