Black Pteri Challenger Guide

"He sits and watches the world, and knows that THEY are coming soon..."

No-one seems to know much about this mysterious Pteri, except that legends say whenever his voice is heard trouble isn't far behind. As for why he wants to keep in fighting shape... well, they're coming, didn't you know?

Getting the Black Pteri as a Challenger

One of the most annoying challengers to try and get, the Black Pteri is found in a random event - and there is no set place where you can refresh to find him. Your best bet is to simply play lots of the non-flash games, the ones that require you to load heaps of pages. However because the event is random you might get it in the first five minutes, or you might still be trying in a year's time - such is the joy of random events.

Black Pteri

Recommended Minimum Stats

Elusive as this Pteri is, when he emerges for battle he fights for keeps! Your pet will find the fight easier if s/he has the following basic stats:

Recommended Stats
Level If you want Lens Flare, then 50 but it isn't essential.
Hit Points 70+ is best but you can beat him with less if you are lucky.
Strength At least 35 for the boost, however the higher the better.
Defense 20 for the boost.

Faerie Abilities

As with any battle there are a few Faerie Abilities that can be helpful. They aren't essential but they will make the fight easier. Probably the best to have are:

Static Cling
Static Cling
Level 1, Free
Positive Thinking
Positive Thinking
Level 10, 4 light icon
An Icicle
An Icicle
Level 25, 10 water icon
Lens Flare
Lens Flare
Level 50, 15 light icon

You can manage without Lens Flare, but it's certainly helpful to have.

Opponent Weapons

Click on the weapon to view it on The Daily Neopets Items Database.

Thyoras Tear

Hawk Bracelet

Hawk Feather

Hawk Wand

Supersize Gargantuplex

Caw of Despair

Shriek of Misery

Song of Futility

Useful Weapons

Here are some weapons that you may like to use in your battle with the Black Pteri!

Snowglobe Staff

Snowglobe Staff
As always, a freezer is useful - never say no to a free turn to deal some damage! Other freezers that you can use are the Black Frost Cannon or, if you want a 100% freezer, the Scroll of Freezing.

Purple Sticky Hand

Purple Sticky Hand
Having a stealing weapon is especially good in this battle because of the chance to steal Thyoras Tear, which gives a complete defense for one turn!

Gilded War Hammer

Gilded War Hammer
A good beginner weapon, this offers both attack and defense icons. It's a multi-use weapon and those are always good to have. Plus, it defends against some of those dark icons that the Pteri may throw your way! If you want something a little stronger, consider Golden Compass.

Lesser Healing Scroll

Lesser Healing Scroll
This is a good cheap healer, which will give you back 25 health points during the battle. If you're a bit low on health points you may want to upgrade to a Greater Healing Scroll.

Snow Mudball

Snow Mudball
These are an excellent choice to fill out the rest of your weapons case for this battle - they do a decent amount of damage and they're cheap so it doesn't really matter that they're only one-use. If you want to go for something a bit more expensive but with a few more icons, try Fire Muffin, Darigan Muffin, or Shooting Star Muffin, since the Black Pteri doesn't defend well against water, dark, fire, or light.

Parchment Cloak
If you meet the intelligence requirement, Parchment Cloak can help you fend off some of the air and dark icons that the Black Pteri throws your way.

The Black Pteri Avatar

The first time you beat the Black Pteri in the battledome you will receive the Black Pteri avatar, which you can then use on the Neoboards. Don't forget to check it off here at The Daily Neopets.

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