500k Neopoint Weapons

With the rise of 500K Neopoint sets, many battlers may be wondering, what weapons are eligible for a 500K set? Well, look no further! Here is a handy-dandy list of under-500K Neopoint weapons. Feel free to pick and choose what you'd like for your set!


Price Weapon
100 Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer
Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer
100 Scroll of Ultranova
Scroll of Ultranova
500 Essence of Esophagor
Essence of Esophagor
1,500 Scroll of the Earth
Scroll of the Earth
3,000 Fighting Folder
Fighting Folder
6,000 Sun and Moon Chakram
Sun and Moon Chakram
7,000 Carved Qasalan Blowgun
Carved Qasalan Blowgun
12,000 Rainbow Scroll
Rainbow Scroll
18,000 Pike Pike
Pike Pike
85,000 Scroll of Knowledge
Scroll of Knowledge
100,000 Ramtors Spellbook
Ramtors Spellbook
120,000 Scuzzys Comb
Scuzzys Comb
140,000 Chakram of the Air Faerie
Chakram of the Air Faerie
180,000 Barbat Throwing Star
Barbat Throwing Star
300,000 Geraptiku Attack Leaf
Geraptiku Attack Leaf

Dual Duties

Price Weapon
50 Gilded War Hammer
Gilded War Hammer
1,000 Bleached Bone Staff
Bleached Bone Staff
3,000 Scarab Ring
Scarab Ring
5,000 Snowager Sword
Snowager Sword
8,000 Elegant Desert Sword
Elegant Desert Sword
13,000 Thief Dagger
Thief Dagger
18,000 Blunted Qasalan Gladius Sword
Blunted Qasalan Gladius Sword
20,000 Oversized Maractite Rune Sword
Oversized Maractite Rune Sword
23,000 Cloudy Wand of Storms
Cloudy Wand of Storms
30,000 Ancient Gnarled Wand
Ancient Gnarled Wand
40,000 Golden Compass
Golden Compass
50,000 Rusty Lamppost
Rusty Lamppost
60,000 Twisted Dark Dagger
Twisted Dark Dagger
65,000 Frozen Wand of Crystals
Frozen Wand of Crystals
70,000 Sword of the Dead
Sword of the Dead
150,000 Spyder Stone Necklace
Spyder Stone Necklace
200,000 Jhudoras Cursed Sword
Jhudoras Cursed Sword
200,000 Frozen Water Daggers
Frozen Water Daggers


Price Weapon
50 Underwater Oven Gloves
Underwater Oven Gloves
1,000 Flaming Oven Gloves
Flaming Oven Gloves
1,000 Parasol of Unfortunate Demise
Parasol of Unfortunate Demise
5,500 Downsize!
8,000 Parchment Cloak
Parchment Cloak
15,000 Blue Draping Cloak
Blue Draping Cloak
42,000 Leaf Shield
Leaf Shield
50,000 Patched Magic Hat
Patched Magic Hat
200,000 Sophies Magic Hat
Sophies Magic Hat


Price Weapon
25,000 Lesser Healing Scroll
Lesser Healing Scroll
30,000 Velms Healing Potion
Velms Healing Potion
130,000 Blue Scorchstone
Blue Scorchstone
190,000 Greater Healing Scroll
Greater Healing Scroll
350,000 Rejuvenating Jar of Brains
Rejuvenating Jar of Brains


Price Weapon
1 Expert Lens
Expert Lens
20 Ultra Dark Reflectorb
Ultra Dark Reflectorb
1,000 Double Dryer
Double Dryer
1,000 Shovel Plus
Shovel Plus
1,000 Super U-bend
Super U-bend
1,500 Turbo Flame Reflector
Turbo Flame Reflector
Written by thgil and Lamppost
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