Lost Fragments


On the 15th day of Running a new event was released called Lost Fragments which ran from March 15th to March 22nd of 2023. The event featured Luxina, a new faerie first introduced in the Neopets Faeries Hope mobile game & the Queen of the faeries herself, Fyora.

NOTE: The official Neopets FAQ for the event does not mention the format of having the first day of the event being 1.5 days (as most events are), however based off the fact that there are only enough shards (35 in total) to collect for a period of 7 days (5 a day) & 8 days of the event, it is assumed day 2 will start on the 17th of March.

How It Works

Queen Fyora will introduce to you Luxina who has been trapped on a piece of the former Faerieland that stayed floating in the sky while the rest of it was sent hurdling toward the earth during the Faeries' Ruin Plot in Y12.

Once you've been introduced to the new light faerie you will be asked to assist in finding fragments of Faerieland in the soil of New Faerieland. There will be 5 pieces randomly spread out across the Faerieland & Faerie City maps. The locations of the shards will be different for each user.

Finding the 5 shards each day on the day of release will reward you 5 points per shard, for a total of 25 points a day. Shards collected after the day of release will only be worth 1 point. Shards will remain obtainable through March 22nd.

If you're having trouble finding your shards, try on a mobile device if you can. When using the mobile layout, the shards are huge and really hard to miss.

You can track the number of shards you've collected by locating the counter in the top right corner of the Lost Fragments HQ

Likewise your point count and access to the prize shop is also found in the HQ.


For collecting at least one shard during the event you will recieve the Faeries Hope Avatar.

Available Prizes

The prizes for Lost Fragments are as follows:


A new Neocash capsule was introduced during this event that awarded one of seven possible items as well as a chance at one of three limited edition items. The capsule also came in a 5-bundle & 10-bundle.

Faeries Hope Magical Mystery Capsule
(March 15th, 2023 - April 15th 2023)
Written by Musical_Shoyru
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