The Neopian Shops - List

Neopets shops are places where you can buy items in exchange of some Neopoints. They are split into 2 categories: the Neopians Shops and the User Shops. The first onethe Neopians shopsare all the one that you can find in the different worlds of Neopia. Each shops has it very own specialty and always sells the same items, although some are restocked more often than others. The secondthe User Shopsare opened and run by Neopets user just like you. Items that are in a user shop may varied from time to time and their prices are all set by the shop owner! In this guide, I'll focus on the Neopian shops only.

Shop's numbers

If you are a restocker (or are aspiring to become one), you'll probably love to know this! Each Neopian Shop has a different ID number that is also part of its URL.

While you are restocking, you can jump from one shop to another by changing the number in your address bar.

For example, in you are in the Neopian Fresh Food, the first shop, you should see: in your adress bar.

Address bar

Suppose that there is nothing interesting and you wish to go in the Smoothie Store. All you have to do is to replace obj_type=1 by obj_type=18, which is the number of the Smoothie Store, and hit enter to load the page.

Knowing this, I made two distinct list of Neopians' shops. The first one is sorted by numbers and the second one is sorted into categories. As you will see, some ID have no shop associate to them.


There are currently 4 avatars that are shop related. The three first are awarded if you buy a rare item from the respective shop and the last one is a clickable award, which means that you will get it automatically if you visit the shop! Click the avatar name to see TDN's indepth guide for that avatar!

Uni Faboo avatar
Uni Faboo
Chocolate avatar
Air Mote avatar
Angry Air Mote
Roberta avatar
Acara - Roberta of Brightvale

Book | Clothing | Collectable | Cures | Food & Drink
Furniture | Magical & Battle | Petpet | Toy | Misc.

Shops: Sorted by ID numbers

ID Number Shop ID Number Shop ID Number Shop
1Food Shop 40Faerieland Petpets 79 Brightvale Glaziers
2Magical Shop 41Neopian Furniture 80 Brightvale Armoury
3Toy Shop 42Tyrannian Food 81 Brightvale Fruits
4Clothes Shop 43Tyrannian Furniture 82 Brightvale Motery
5Grooming Shop 44Tyrannian Petpets 83 Royal Potionery
6=> NOTHING 45Tyrannian Weaponry 84 Neopian Music Shop
7Book Shop 46Hubert's Hot Dog 85 Lost Desert Medicine
8Collectable Card Shop 47Pizzaroo 86 Collectable Sea Shells
9Battle Magic Shop 48Usuki Land 87 Maractite Marvels
10Defense Magic Shop 49Food of the Lost Desert 88 Maraquan Petpet
11=> NOTHING 50Peopatra's Pet Pets 89 Geraptiku Petpets
12Garden Centre 51Sutek's Scrolls 90 Qasalan Delights
13Neopian Pharmacy 52=> NOTHING 91 Desert Arms
14Chocolate Factory 53Back to School Shop 92 Words of Antiquity
15Bakery 54 Battle Supplies 93 Faerie Weapon Shop
16Healthy Food 55 Osiri's Pottery 94 Illustrious Armoury
17Neopian Gift Shop 56 Merifoods 95 Exquisite Ambrosia
18Smoothie Store 57 Ye Olde Petpets 96 Magical Marvels
19=> NOTHING 58 Neopian Post Office Kiosk 97 Legendary Petpets
20Tropical Food 59 Haunted Weaponry 98 Plushie Palace
21Tiki Tack 60 Spooky Furniture 99 Altador Cup Souvenirs
22Grundos 61 Wintery Petpet 100 Wonderous Weaponry
23Space Weaponry 62 Jelly Food 101 Exotic Foods
24Space Armour 63 Refreshments 102 Remarkable Restoratives
25Neopian Petpet Shop 64=> NOTHING 103 Fanciful Fauna
26Robopet Shop 65=> NOTHING 104 Chesterdrawers' Antiques
27Rock Pool 66 Kiko Lake Treats 105 The Crumpetmonger
28=> NOTHING 67 Kik0 Lake Carpentry 106 Neovian Printing Press
29=> NOTHING 68 Collectable Coins 107 Prigpants & Swolthy, Tailors
30Spooky Food 69 Petpet Supplies 108 Mystical Surroundings
31Spooky Pets 70 Booktastic Books 109 Petpetpet Habitat
32=> NOTHING 71 Kreludan Homes 110 Lampwyck's Lights Fantastic
33=> NOTHING 72 Cafe Kreludor 111 Cog's Togs
34Ye Olde Coffee Shop 73 Kayla's Potion Shop 112 Molten Morsels
35Slushie Shop 74 Darigan Toys 113 Moltaran Petpets
36Ice Crystal Shop 75 Faerie Furniture 114 Moltaran Books
37Icy Fun Snow Shop 76 Roo Island Marchandise Shop 115=> NOTHING
38Faerieland bookshop 77 Brightval Books 116 Springy Things
39Faerie Food 78 The Scrollery 117 Ugga Shinies

Shops: Categorised

Food and Drink Shops

The following shops are selling items that are feedable to your pet.

Book Shops

The following shops are selling books that are readable to your pet. Once your pet had read a book, his intelligence increases.

Clothing Shops

The following shops are selling clothes/wearables.

Petpet Shops

The following shops are selling petpets or petpet accessories. Petpets are companion that you can equip to your pet.

Furniture Shops

The following shops are selling furniture. You can use furniture items to decorate your Neohome.

Magical and Battle Shops

The following shops are selling magical or battle items. This include items such as morphing potions that can be used to change your pet's physic and weapons that you can equip your pet before fighting in the Battledome.

Toy Shops

The following shop are selling toys that you can use to keep your pet entertained.

Cures Shops

The following shops are selling different types that will cure your pet if he catches a disease.


The following shops are selling collectables items. You can place them in your stamp album or in your Neodeck.

Misc. Shops

The following shops are selling different types of item and were impossible to sort in previous categories.

Other special shops

There are two other special shops that restock items that you can buy. Everyone is allowed go get a maximum of 10 items a day from the Igloo Garage Sale (guide) in Terror Mountain. In addition, accounts that are 36+ months old can get up to 5 items a day from the Almost Abandoned Attic (guide) in Neovia.

Written by Xepha
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