Golden Dubloon

The Golden Dubloon on Krawk Island is very similar to Kelp. However, there are two main differences: You pay with dubloons (you can't even get in without at least one dubloon) and there's no avatar. Other things, though, are the same. For instance, only up to 100 people can be in the restaurant at any given time.
Golden Dubloon shopkeeper

General Information

As mentioned earlier, you pay in dubloons. The food items range in price from one dubloon to ten dubloons. Also, there are four categories of foods: Starters, Main Courses, Desserts, and Cocktails. In each category, there are six to eight different foods, and you can choose up to one item from each category. You can then go to the EAT! page to confirm your choices. Sometimes (but rarely) your pet will not finish its food and you get to take a food item home! We have received reports that, like Kelp, you may have a better chance of taking home leftovers if your pet is already "bloated" before you order.

Golden Dubloon shopkeer

Food List

Here is a list of the foods, sorted by category, along with its image and its price in dubloons.


Caesar Salad

1 Dubloon

Tropical Breeze

1 Dubloon

Oyster Obsession

2 Dubloons

Tomato Cannon Ball

2 Dubloons

Shiver Me Shrimp

3 Dubloons

Main Course



Cannon Fodder

2 Dubloons

Assorted Grog*

2 Dubloons

Grog Light

2 Dubloons

Keel Haul

2 Dubloons

Land Lubber

2 Dubloons

Man O War

2 Dubloons

Walk The Plank

2 Dubloons


10 Dubloons

Assorted Flavours

If taken home, certain menu items can award different flavours in your inventory:

Joy Fun Pops

Bottles of Pop


Written by Ian
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