Festival of Neggs 2023


The yearly Festival of Neggs has returned as a way to celebrate all things Spring- and negg-related. This year's Festival will begin on April 20th, 2023 and end on May 6th, 2023.

NOTE: Day 1 of the event will begin on April 20th and run through April 21st.

How It Works

Kari, the Negg Faerie, is back this season and Mira, the Space Faerie has joined in on the fun.! Every day Kari will provide clues for us to find her valued Neggs.

Once you have found the negg stash for the day, Kari will offer you one of three of the special themed Neggs. Upon choosing, she will give you a random one of the three prizes from that Negg. There are 5 different themed neggs in total, but each time you find the negg stash, she will randomly choose which three to offer you.

Finding the stash every day on the day of release will reward you with a bonus prize at the end of the event.

Stash Locations

Day Clues Location
April 20 - 21 Hooray! The festival has started in just the right neighbourhood! If you want to find the first Neggs, perhaps try some local food! Cafe Kreludor
April 22 The next place is a lot like space, as it may be hard to catch your breath! But if you find your way in the depth, you can bet, the stash will be with a real cute Petpet! Maraquan Petpets
April 23 You've been to the highest highs and the lowest lows. Now for the next place you must go? Well, it could be considered the middle. Just remember to hydrate while you think about this riddle. Slushie Shop
April 24 The next place to go is where nature would never be taken for granted, but with so many plants around, we better hope the Neggs aren't planted! Neopian Garden Centre
April 25 If I had a coin for every Negg I hid here previously, I would have zero. Which is weird because I'm a Negg hiding hero! Collectable Coins
April 26 I sure hope this next place isn't too boring, but when I hid the Neggs even the shopkeeper was snoring! Tyrannian Furniture
April 27 I like to think I'm a good host, as I left this stash well protected, but you may see a ghost when you go to inspect it! Haunted Weaponry
April 28 I have to admit that if you're a Pepet, this hiding spot may be dangerous. Meh, it will be fine I bet, as the creature nearby is usually slumberous. Turmaculus
April 29 To find the next Neggs, you must trek through the heat. But once you arrive, you can have a nice treat! Qasalan Delights
April 30 While searching for these Neggs, you can also search for knowledge! You may just have to be careful of some of the nearby wreckage. Faerieland Bookshop
May 1 This is no time to be wary! To find the next stash try looking somewhere sweet and scary! The Crumpetmonger
May 2 These Neggs may become a potent concoction if you don't concentrate. Careful though, if you trespass too far, you may be in trouble with the close by potentate! Royal Potionery
May 3 Playing by the beach could make anyone thirsty. Maybe once you find the stash of Neggs, you can buy supplies for a smoothie! Tropical Food Shop
May 4 While others may say these are loathsome, these next Neggs are with playthings that are cherished among some. Darigan Toys
May 5 I've used many tools to hide Neggs in the past, but none that can somehow make a bubble chair last! Kiko Lake Carpentry
May 6 The last clue! What are we to do? I suppose we should end with a snack that's close to our original task! Grundos Cafe

Negg Prizes

There are different themed neggs that you can be offered, each with three unique prizes.

Event Dialogue

Scene 1
Character Dialogue
Mira Oh Kari, it seems another bewildered Festival-seeker arrived on the latest shuttle!
Kari Great to see another friendly face for this year's Festival of Neggs! In case you two haven't met yet, I'd like to introduce you to Mira. Not only is she the Space Faerie, she's also one of my oldest friends in Neopia!
Mira And have plenty of old embarrassing stories to show for it.
Kari That she will be keeping to herself! I'm sure you were surprised to see Mira, not to mention wondering why the Festival of Neggs has relocated to the Virtupets Station this year.
Mira That's my fault! Or rather, because of the strange objects on this table. I found them while patrolling deep space. They caught my eye while I was cordoning off a quasar, so I scooped them up just before they were sucked in.
Kari Mira! You got that close?
Mira Don't you worry, I usually keep my distance, but I just had to be sure the objects weren't living. Even after I recovered them, I still couldn't identify exactly what they were, but they all had an unmistakable negg-like look to them. So, my friends at the Virtupets Station developed a special containment chamber for them to be safely stored while I invited Neopia's resident Negg expert to help me unravel this mystery. After all, I hear she was quite the detective last year!
Kari Very funny! Since the Festival of Neggs in Neovia was such a hit last year, I decided to take this show on the road once more and set up shop in the Virtupets Station for this year's Festival of Neggs while I investigated. Although I must admit I was a tad worried about the logistics of shuttling everyone up here -
Mira Oh, just a "tad" worried?
Kari I suppose I was... moderately worried... But thanks to the efforts of Commander Valka and Mira, we found more than enough ships and helpful pilots to shuttle Neopians back and forth! So, this year's Festival will take place up here in Virtupets under the stars, while Mira and I uncover the mystery of these Unidentified Negg-like Objects-
Mira *chortle* So dorky.

I like it! And don't worry, while we work to identify these strange neggs from space, the Festival of Neggs will continue as always. Now, before Mira distracts and or embarrasses me again, here is your first clue!

Hooray! The festival has started in just the right neighbourhood! If you want to find the first Neggs, perhaps try some local food!

Scene 2
Character Dialogue
Mira Looks like our specialist has arrived!
Kari Wonderful! With his help, hopefully we should be able to determine what kind of negg it is. And if it poses any danger.
Dr. Landelbrot I certainly hope I can provide some insights! I must admit, my curiosity was piqued after hearing about a strange object that even you weren't familiar with Mira.
Mira I've seen a lot of oddities travelling through the depths of space, but nothing quite like these.
Kari And I can't say they are like any kind of negg I am familiar with.
Dr. Landelbrot A conundrum to be sure! Scintilly and I will begin setting up my equipment now, but it will likely take several days of testing and analysis before I have any concrete results to share!
Kari Please, take your time Doctor. We still have the Festival to keep us plenty occupied!
Scene 3
Character Dialogue
Dr. Landelbrot I'm sorry to say it, but after extensive study and testing, I still can't make heads or tails of it! The physiology of this enigmatic object is so unlike anything from Neopia that my instruments have been unable to deliver any accurate or helpful readings besides the traces of anti-matter they give off.
Kari How odd! This is a strange little negg indeed... Well, we appreciate your help all the same!
Dr. Landelbrot Wish I could have been more help, but I'll stick around in case I can be of service! Not to mention the fact I am utterly fascinated by those strange objects! I do hope someone can get to bottom of this.
Mira No need to fret, you gave it your best Doctor. Although I'm not sure where we turn now...
Kari No need to worry, another curious specialist reached out saying he could help! We can expect him to arrive in just a few days!
Scene 4
Character Dialogue
Kari Our new specialist should be here any moment!
Mira Who is it this time? Jerdana?
Kari No, she was unavailable... but our next expert is also familiar with the mystic arts! Apparently, he's a mage who's worked closely with King Skarl before.
Mira And what exactly did he work on?
Magon A number of different projects, my esteemed Space Faerie! I've dabbled in Portal Research, a few years of teaching... and for the past few years, I've been studying ancient tomes to become an authority mystical on objects from different realms. Which is precisely why I'm the Neopet for this job!
Kari Well, it's a pleasure to have your assistance Mr. Magon.
Mira We could use just about any help we could get at this point...
Magon Not to worry. I am confident that I can identify these otherworldly objects after just a few days of comparing them with the books and notes I've compiled!
Scene 5
Character Dialogue
Kari Mira, do you have a moment? It sounds like Magon has made some progress.
Mira Oh? Have you gotten to the bottom of our mystery?
Magon I have, although my discovery was rather bittersweet. Regrettably, I don't believe these foreign objects are neggs at all. What we are dealing with here are incredibly dangerous Giant Space Fungus Spores!
Mira You're sure it's a Giant Space Fungus? I've never seen Giant Space Fungus look anything like these before...
Magon Yes, well, that's because they are still in an incubation period of course. I found a tome here that practically proves it! I'd rather not cause a panic, but we must dispose of these harmful spores immediately!
Mira Maybe we should talk this over first...
Kari Agreed! Even if these are dangerous spores, we are talking about living creatures here. I think we should sleep on things.
Mira Or seek a second opinion... Just to be sure.
Magon Well, I would like to urge you both to act with haste, but I suppose one more day couldn't hurt. I'm sure you two will come to the right decision.
Scene 6
Character Dialogue
Kari After thinking it over last night, I do think a second opinion might be a good idea.
Mira It certainly couldn't hurt. I'm not sold on Magon's hypothesis yet myself.
Kari Yes, no harm in exploring other avenues! Besides, we shouldn't be taking drastic measures until we are absolutely certain these are in fact Space Fungus spores. I'll ask around and see if anyone else could help us confirm Magon's suspicions...
Scene 7
Character Dialogue
Kari Mira! Major Tippens has recommended someone who he thinks can help determine Magon's theory...
Mira That's great! Why did you trail off like that?
Kari I really think he could be helpful, but I'm worried you may not like his tactics, that's all. But please just promise me you'll give him a chance!
Mira I will make no such promise...but if you really think we can trust him I will at least hear him out.
Kari Great! Orion, you can come in now!
Orion Hello, it is a pleasure to meet you, oh wonderful Space Faerie. I am Orion O. Ophiuchus, my family and I have been great admirers of yours for generations.
Mira Oh, um, the pleasure is all mine...and please call me Mira. Did you say your last name was Ophiuchus? That sounds very familiar.
Orion Yes, my family has been a big name in the business of stars for many years, but sadly, nowadays, it has lost most of its familiarity around Neopia. Which is one of the reasons I am here! My family has passed down to me the great power of divining! Through my tarot cards I believe I can show someone as great as you the usefulness and power of my family's legacy!
Mira Please take no offence, but I am already wary of the less scientific path we have been going down to identify these objects. And now that there is a possible safety risk if these do turn out to be spores, I don't know how comfortable I feel allowing someone who not only has something to prove handle these objects but someone who could possibly turn us down a path that is completely away from science.
Orion I assure you that is not my intention! I am also a man of science! You see, my family has shunned me for my scientific beliefs, but I believe that my cards can be a device in which we can be pointed in the right direction and then let science lead us the rest of the way! I strongly feel that as long as one does not reject the facts of science then there is no harm in looking towards other devices to help you! Isn't that how most scientific discoveries are made? By pushing the known limits!
Kari Mira, I promise I would not have asked him to come all this way if I thought he would lead us down the wrong path! He's shared with me that he believes Magon's theory is not fully correct, and that there is still a way to safely find the answers we need!
Orion Indeed! I do not even need to handle the objects, so there is little risk involved. Please just give me and my cards a day or so, and I believe I can help!
Mira Alright fine! But the objects aren't leaving my site!
Scene 8
Character Dialogue
Mira Okay, times up Orion. I heard Magon disappeared last night without a word...so I'm really hoping you have something to report.
Orion Indeed, I do! According to my findings, that Magon fellow's hypothesis was not a hundred percent accurate. I don't believe these objects to be related to the Giant Space Fungus as I get no warnings of mass change upon its awakening. But I do feel it is indeed alive.
Kari Wait? Are you saying these aren't neggs at all?
Orion I'm unsure, to be honest, but it certainly looks like that may be the case.
Kari I have to admit I'm a little sad this isn't a great Negg discovery, but if they are alive then we need to help them! Are they okay? Do they need help?
Mira Hold on! This is what I was afraid of. We are jumping to a lot of conclusions with no proof!
Orion You're right! I wouldn't feel comfortable giving any sort of definitive answer at this point. But I feel that I am close! I think we can safely find out more if I had help! The Festival-goer who has been here from the start seems highly invested in unlocking the truth behind these eggs. I bet if we were to give up right now, they would continue the search without us! It's that determination that I feel can give me the edge in foreseeing these mysterious objects' futures. If they play with the cards, I could collect their determined energy and use that power to get a better understanding of what steps we should take to further our knowledge on the matter!
Mira I don't know. Is it wise to get others mixed up in this?
Kari I think that's up to my lovely participant here! They keep coming back for more, so I think they are up for the task!
Orion All they will have to do is play with the cards. I have a simple game in mind that should last long enough for me to gather the energy I need.
Scene 9
Character Dialogue
Kari Orion, please tell me that the game you played with my festival goer helped! If not, I don't think Mira would ever let me live it down!
Mira I don't think I'll ever let you live this down no matter what happens! But to be honest, I'm feeling a little foolish myself as I've run out of ideas if this doesn't work out.
Kari You mean you're starting to believe this may work?!
Mira That is not at all what I just said!
Orion I'm sorry to interrupt, but with the extra energy I accumulated from the festival-seeker, I was able to do a much more in-depth reading, and I do believe I may have an answer you will both like!
Mira Let's hear it!
Orion Kari, I think it will please you to hear that these objects are ready to reveal themselves! However, I've sensed that the conditions to make this happen must first be met! To meet these conditions though, we must trust in the power of science to lead us the rest of the way! This is where you come in Mira!
Mira I don't understand.
Orion My powers have brought me as far as we can go without the help of science! What conditions can you think of that these objects might need that they wouldn't find in the depths of space where you found them?
Mira We don't have time for games. Just tell me.
Orion I don't have the answers. But the cards tell me you do! I was able to determine a possible direction for us to go, but you, and science, will lead us to the real answers!
Mira ...Oh! Oh! I have an idea! I'll need some time to get everything together, though.
Kari That's so unfair! Just tell us! Or at least tell me!
Mira I don't even know if I'm right, so there's no way I'm explaining it all before I've put everything together. Just give me until tomorrow!
Scene 10 Part 1
Character Dialogue
Mira Alright I've conversed with Dr. Landelbrot and he has helped me gather everything we need.
Dr. Landelbrot Happy to lend a hand!
Orion I'm eager to see what you two have devised!
Kari Are you finally going to explain things to us now Mira?
Mira The objects were in the vacuum of space, and yet they survived. If, going off the hypothesis that these are alive, then whatever is protecting them would of course be practically impossible for us to identify as, besides my magic, nothing on Neopia has the ability to survive space like that. So the time for testing is done. We must now go into the experimentation phase!
Kari But if they are alive, we could hurt them!
Mira Non-invasive experimentation! We will use what Orion said about conditions and gradually expose them to different kinds of conditions they would never experience in space. My working theory on the matter is that this protective layer around them will stay on and guard them against any dangers until the conditions are safe enough for them to awaken.
Kari Okay...but what if Margon is right and these are Giant Space Fungus spores, or worse?
Mira Just like any good lab, we will take the necessary precautions! Dr. Landelbrot has helped us develop a new containment chamber that will allow us to test our mystery objects using different conditions while keeping them safely sealed away. And if that is not enough, we have many other fail-safes that at the very least will keep everyone on Neopia safe if things are to go wrong.
Kari Umm, but what about us if it goes wrong?
Mira I was just joking! Do you really think I'd ever put you in danger?
Kari ...so what conditions are you going to expose them to first?
Mira The one big thing they'd never have experienced floating around in space, gravity!
Kari But isn't there some gravity here on the ship?
Mira Not much. You see I am slowly rising the gravitational strength inside the chamber. We are actually about to hit Neopia's gravitational...wait something is happening!
Scene 10 Part 2
Character Dialogue
Mira They're...they're
Kari Petpets! I call dibs on naming this one! Just look at that adorable face...faces! I shall call you...
Mira Bython!
Kari Hey no fair. I called dibs! Ugh, but that is the perfect name!
Dr. Landelbrot This is incredible. Just think about what this could mean for the discoveries of modern-day Neopia? Did these Petpets come from Neopia and adapt to space or the other way around? What would that mean about Neopia's natural Petpets? We have so much to learn from them!
Kari Like if they give great cuddles! Let's hold them!
Mira Wait, holding them could still very likely be deadly or at the very least dangerous. I can't risk either of us getting hurt...Hey, how about letting your festival-goer choose one to adopt. We could see how that goes first!
Kari Hey now I can't risk their safety either!
Mira Come on, you can tell they want to!
Kari Well, I suppose they certainly earned it helping us get to the bottom of this mystery! Very well, which of these little space critters would you like to adopt?
Scene 10 Part 3
Character Dialogue
Mira Okay great! They seem fine!
Kari Mira, that was totally reckless!
Mira Oh relax! I could already tell from the chambers' toxicology readings that the creatures were harmless! I just thought it would be funny to see you sweat a little!
Kari Geez, you are going to be the death of me! So, now what? The festival isn't quite over yet, but we've found the answers you wanted.
Mira Well, I should still run a few more tests on these little guys so you are welcome to hang out until the festival ends!
Orion I should be getting back to Neovia to spread the word, but it was a pleasure to meet both of you! I hope I have the good fortune of crossing paths with you two again someday.
Mira Before you go, I'd be remiss if I didn't thank you. Even though I had my reservations at first, I don't think we could have uncovered this mystery without your help! In the future, I'll try to keep a more open mind about how we can broaden the horizons of science through alternative avenues.
Scene 11
Character Dialogue
Kari I suppose you'll be heading out on another one of your galactic adventures now that this mystery has been sorted?
Mira Yes, well, it wasn't even a negg after all, so I guess I dragged you up here for nothing...
Kari You mean you didn't like my company?
Mira You mean you didn't like my company?
Kari I'm always happy to help you! Speaking of which! I thought perhaps you should take this Bython with you! I know it must get lonely up in space, and they seem to do well up there so it could keep you company!
Mira Thank you, it was nice of you to think of me... Having one with me will also let me continue my studies on them so I will take you up on that! You know, I was thinking I might actually come back with you to Neopia for a short time.
Kari You want to keep hanging out?!
Mira What? No... I just have been meaning to talk to Illusen recently. She's been wanting to see me to talk about a possible pollution problem, and with all the smog I've been seeing in the atmosphere recently, I figured this was as good as time as any to finally go see her and discuss it.
Kari Mhm suuure! Sounds to me like you just don't want to be rid of me quite yet!
Mira Whatever, let's just go!
Kari Before we head out, I wanted to thank you as well! Not only were you an active participant in this year's Festival of Neggs, you were also an instrumental part in the discovery of the Bython! I'm sure Professor J. Kugar will be green with envy once he hears the news, well, greener... Regardless I hope you had a wonderful time and will be joining me again wherever the festival takes us next year!
Mira Oh, and by the way Kari, I've been meaning to ask you about this interesting photo I came across...
Kari Where did you find that? I mean, um, weren't we about to leave? We can't leave Illusen waiting now, can we? Bye everyone!

Orion's Mini-Game

To help Kari and Mira, and Ogrin named Orion has offered his expertise. Kari and Mira are curious about what the mysterious neggs Mira found in space. After Magon left to look into things further, Orion showed up to assist the faeries. Orion brings with him, a deck of 22 Major Arcana cards.

Playing Orion's game is similar to higher and lower where you have to guess if the second card is higher or lower than the card dispalyed. The cards Orion uses are numbered from 1 - 20. To help gather information, you need to either win a round or play 3 times.

To play Orion's game anytime, click on the cards in the upper right corner of the Festival of Neggs Headquarters page.

Introducing a New Petpet Species

With the Festival of Neggs coming to an end shortly, a brand new petpet species has been found in Neopia. The Neggs Mira found in space, contain this new petpet species, which she has named Bython.

After going through the Day 10 Part 1 Dialogue, you will be presented with a something is happening video that shows the unveiling of the Bython.

After watching the Bython hatch from the negg, click on the red continue button at the bottom. Then you get to choose which of the new petpet you wish to take with you. They versions available at release are Bython, Robot Bython, and Yellow Bython. Once you choose which Bython to take home, you will be asked to confirm your choice. Once you've confirmed your choice, you can find your new friend in your Inventory.

Make sure you have played Orion's card game in order to receive this section of the event and your new petpet.

Event Prizes

The final prizes for this year's Festival of Neggs has been released!

Finding all Neggs on Day of Release
Finding all Neggs During the Event
Finding At Least One Negg

Festival of Neggs Site Theme

Bython Brood - Avatar

Hop & Dye Neggs

Water from the Rainbow Fountain is being used again this year to dye some neggs and reveal exclusive prizes. You can learn more about this event and the prizes available by viewing our guide.

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