Festival of Neggs 2022


The yearly Festival of Neggs has returned as a way to celebrate all things Spring- and negg-related. This year's Festival will begin on April 12th, 2022 and end on April 28th, 2022.

NOTE: Day 1 of the event will begin on April 12th and run through April 13th.

How It Works

Kari, the Negg Faerie, is back this season and helping the Crumpetmonger around Neovia! Every day she will provide clues for us to find her valued Neggs.

Once you have found the negg stash for the day, Kari will offer you one of three of the special themed Neggs. Upon choosing, she will give you a random one of the three prizes from that Negg. There are 5 different themed neggs in total, but each time you find the negg stash, she will randomly choose which three to offer you.

Finding the stash every day on the day of release will reward you with a bonus prize at the end of the event.

Stash Locations

Day Clues Location
April 12 - 13 The festival has begun, but there is no need for jitters! You will find your first negg where they sell legendary critters... Legendary Petpets
April 14 Hope you are ready for another clue, as there are plenty more. For your second day, seek out a place with a sandy shore! The Beach
April 15 Next, you must travel to a land of very little greenery. Here you will find a merchant who peddles wares of fantastical scenery. Mystical Surroundings
April 16 I know it can get overwhelming, with clues coming from all sides! Now seek out some literature, on the rock that controls Neopian tides! Booktastic Books
April 17 The clues are heating up, so it's time to buckle down. Where would you go to stay informed, in a foggy little town? Neovian Printing Press
April 18 Hear ye, hear ye, listen close and you'll find the next stash with ease. Search for a place that deals in correspondence and royal decrees. The Scrollery
April 19 You are running through these clues, looks like you are on a spree! Now seek out the trunk, where Neopians find items for free. The Money Tree
April 20 The Festival waits for no neopet, so don't you dare tarry! For your next negg, visit the dwelling of a nature-loving Faerie... Illusen's Glade
April 21 If you want these next neggs, you might wanna look twice! A blast of freezing cold, just doesn't sound nice... The Snowager
April 22 Conches and clams, your neggs can be found here! But you won't hear the ocean, if you put them up to your ear. Collectable Sea Shells
April 23 Doesn't hunting for neggs make you smile from ear to ear? Next, we are off to a gift shop, so treat yourself to a souvenir! Roo Island Souvenirs
April 24 The next location is quite dark, so be sure to bring a light! Where you travel next, the hardest decision is left or right... Faerie Caverns
April 25 There are still more neggs to be found, can you feel the anticipation? To find your next one, you must look deep down for Illumination... Lampwyck's Lights Fantastic
April 26 We are almost to the end, so don't take a break! Instead, find the place where you can enjoy snacks by a lake! Kiko Lake Treats
April 27 Time for your final clue, wasn't this Festival grand? Seek out the plant that claims to be the brightest in all the land! The Brain Tree
After visiting The Brain Tree, you will be prompted to go back to the Festival of Neggs main page. From there, Kari will tell you to visit Grave Danger. Grave Danger
Follow Kari and Sophie's conversation by clicking on the main image in Grave Danger, and the following clues:
After clicking through all the clues, you will be prompted to answer "What do you think it all means?", and whichever response you choose, you will get the same result - choose your negg and a new petpet!

Negg Prizes

There are different themed neggs that you can be offered, each with three unique prizes.

Event Prizes

The final prizes for this year's Festival of Neggs has been released!

Finding all Neggs on Day of Release
Finding all Neggs During the Event
Finding At Least One Negg

Festival of Neggs Site Theme

Negg Enigma - Avatar

Bart's Dip & Dye Apples

Bart has joined the festival this year and he wants you to bob for apples for exclusive prizes. You can learn more about what he has to offer by viewing our guide.

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