Dubloons serve a couple of purposes in Neopia. First, they are the official currency of Krawk Island ; you can only purchase items on Krawk Island with Dubloons. Second, they can be used to train your pet at Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy . There are a couple of different ways to obtain Dubloons, but you will read about that later in this article.


Note: Clicking on [SW] and [TP] will allow you to search for that item on the Shop Wizard (SW) or the Trading Post (TP).

How do you get Dubloons?

Other than buying them via the Shop Wizard or the Trading Post (see links above), you can get Dubloons a few other ways. One of the ways is by visiting Coltzan's Shrine . This magical shrine will sometimes give out Dubloons for free. Check out our Coltzan's Shrine Article for more details on this. Another daily that often gives out Dubloons is Anchor Management , you can find out more about Anchor Management in our Anchor Management Page.

Another way is to exchange smaller Dubloons for larger Dubloons at the Dubloon-O-Matic , be sure to use the exact amount, though. Finally, you can also sometimes win Dubloons if you're lucky at Buried Treasure .


It's generally an on-going process. This is generally the cheapest form of training your pet. The fastest way to purchase Dubloons for the cheapest price is by using the Shop Wizard. From getting Dubloons to using Dubloons, it's a fun thing for you and your pets to enjoy.

Written by Superfly
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