Charity Corner 2020


There's a real hustle and bustle going on at these docks. Captain Rourke is loading up the SS Primela with all kinds of relief supplies and Granny Hopbobbin is gathering donations next to an interesting device. It's a relief effort to save the Neopets of Dacardia. Would you like to join the effort? Check your inventory for anything you'd like to donate to this worthy cause. Granny Hopbobbin looks like she's got some wonderful rewards for generous donations!

This "Giving Gadget" looks similar to Atsumi's "Declutter Machine" but there have been some alterations. It transforms items you donate into vital supplies for the rebuilding of Dacardia and rewards each giver with points for the Prize Shop. The rarer the donation, the more points get rewarded.

'Saving Dacardia' will start September 14th and end on September 28th. The shop will be available for the duration of the event so you should be sure to get your prizes while it's still open.

How It Works

This years Charity Corner allows you to donate in two ways, the same as the modified donation methods from last year. You can go to the Charity Corner Hub click on the Giving Gadget tray, and load your items to be donated, or use the NP Item Checklist tool to select up to 15 items at a time to donate with a quick stock-type checklist.

Once you have selected all your items you wish to donate, click the prompt to confirm you are ready to head back to Captain Rourke.

Donating with the Gadget

If you are already at the hub page, click on the tray to be taken to your inventory where you will have to click on each item you wish to donate, for a max of 15 donations.

You will be taken back to the hub page where you will click the lever on the machine to confirm your donations. You will be given a preview of the items you are donating beforehand, so double check to see you didn't add anything by mistake.

Donating with Quick Stock

This method is fairly straight forward and rather quicker. Just tick the boxes beside the items you wish to donate, up to a maximum of 15 at a time and click 'Donate." Clicking 'Take to Recycling Machine' will add the step of viewing all the items and clicking the lever, the same as if you had used the slower inventory donate method.

Points per Rarity of Items

Your donated items will be converted to points to spend in the perks shop at the end of the event.

The amount of points you receive per donated item depends on the rarity of the item you are donating and goes as follows:

Item Rarity Points
r1-79 1
r80-89 2 points
r90-97 6 points
r98-r100 8 points
r101 1 point
r102-179 4 points
r200 15 points

As per the FAQ, Sticky Snowballs are now only worth one point.
13) Can I still donate Snowballs?
Yes... however last year, it froze the gears of the "Living with Less" machine so Atsumi made some alterations. They're only worth one point, now.

Leftover Points

As per the FAQ, existing points from the previous Charity Corner were carried over as follows:

First 100 points - carried over as is
Next 101-1000 - reduced by 60%
Next 1001-5000 - reduced by 70%
5001-50,000 - reduced by 90%
50k+ - reduce by 99%


Similarly to last year, the Charity Corner 2020 avatar is awarded to everyone who donates at least 100 items, regardless of rarity or total final points. View the hub page after donating at least 100 items to get the avatar event.

Don't forget to check me off your list!

Prize Shop

Abandoning the perks system from last year, players are able to spend their points at a familiar prize shop.

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