Days 1 to 5

Day 1 - Snowmuncher

Bonus prize:

Snowmuncher Snowglobe

We think this dare is medium.


Quick tips: Try to stay in the middle of the screen until you see a potion. To get more points, get to the bottom of level 2 but do not finish it. Wait for the timer to reach 0 and redo level 2. (Read full guide.)

Cheat codes: buuuurrrrrrrrp - Relieve 50% bloat. Once per game. That's four u's and eight r's.

Day2 - Carnival of Terror-TEAM CHALLENGE

Bonus prize:

Evil Clown Repellant

We think this dare is medium-hard.

Quick tips: To get maximum points from each clown shoot in this order: Head, arm, legs, then body. This will give you 13 points from one clown. If the clown is floating down on an umbrella shoot the umbrella first, then the parts of the clown previously listed giving you 14 points. (Read full guide.)

Cheat codes: Type custard once per game to receive a health boost

Type pie crust once per game to increase your ammo

Before starting the game, going into the Instructions and clicking on the clock increases the number of ammo, health, and time drops in a game. This must be done every time a game is played to receive the bonus.

Day 3-Destruct-O-Match III

Bonus prize:

Destruct-O-Match Watercolours

We think this dare is medium-hard.

Quick tips: Get rid of all timer blocks first. Then, try to eliminate the rest one color at a time. When faced with a multiplier block, ensure you have as many of the same color connected to it as you can. (Read full guide.)

Cheat codes: None

Day 4-Meepit Juice Break

Bonus prize:

How to Serve Meepits

We think this dare is medium.

1,860 pts

Angry Meepit Eyes

Quick tips: Clearing all the pipes off the board gives you 50 bonus points. Matching the same juice color with the same color meepit gives you an extra point per pipe used per meepit matched. Feeding 2 meepits with the same pipe gives you 2 points per pipe used, 3 meepits gives you 3 points per pipe used. (Read full guide.)

Cheat codes: Meepits - Extra life
juice-o-matic - resets all the Meepit's timers
Both are one-use.

Day 5-Cooty Wars DOUBLE DARE

Bonus prize:

Petpetpet Slippers

We think this dare is hard.

670 pts

Cooty Wars Lamp

Quick tips: When a Mootix appears onscreen, move your mouse over to the Mootix immediately, but point your mouse slightly below the head of the Mootix. The reason why is because you're not aiming for the Mootix itself, you're aiming for the parachute which will appear slightly below the head.
Another strategy consists to aim at the feet of the bug as soon as it appears on the screen and to wait for the parachute to turn red before shooting. This strategy works best in early levels and can get you a few extra points. (Read full guide.)

Cheat codes: None