About the Daily Dare Event

TNT has revealed that they will be bringing back daily bonus prizes, awarded when you beat AA or Abigail on the day a challenge is released. To get the bonus prize, you must successfully beat AAA or Abigal before midnight NST on the day the challenged is released.The idea behind those prizes is to reward dedicated and enthusiasts players with bonus items.

Anyone who complete one or more Daily Dare challenges also earn a new site event trophy. This year, it is possible to earn one of the four following trophies:

Double Dare Challenges

Through the event, TNT will also select some of the daily challenges to become Double Dares. TNT hasn't released the exact dates, but state there will occur "once or twice a week" throughout the event. There should be at least 4, and perhaps as many as 6. If you choose to accept the Double Dare then you must challenge and beat AAA's score for that particular game - if you do, then you will receive both of the prizes for that day. However you must complete the Double Dare on the day it is released, otherwise you get nothing! In the event that you would only be able to beat or match Abigail's score for that day, you would be eligible to receive her tier final prizes, but you still would not get any prizes for that day.

If you don't feel you can beat AAA's score for a Double Dare, then you do not have to accept this challenge and can play the Daily Dare as you normally would. :)

Team Challenges

In this newer type of challenge, Neopians have the opportunity to team up with one of their Neofriends to earn another bonus prize. The team challenges are scheduled to be released every Friday and to last throughout the weekend. To be eligible for the Team Challenge bonus prize, you and your Neofriend must both challenge AAA or Abigail and beat their score before the following Monday.

If you chose to Take the Team Challenge but don't invite someone to play with you, you will still be eligible for the regular AAA or Abigal prizes for that day, including the bons if you complete the challenge before midnight NST. Note that the Challenger you select for Friday's challenge will be your challenger for the team challenge.

You are only allowed to complete the Team Challenge with one neofriend. You may not complete it multiple times with different friends. However, you are allowed to send up to 5 invitations to friends asking them to join your team. The first one to accept will become your partner for the challenge. If a friend rejects your invitation, you may then send out another.

Daily Dare Strategy

Using the information provided on Neopets or right here on the coverage you know what the game is and what both scores are that you must beat! Instead of challenging AAA or Abigail first and then playing the game, why don't you try this method that will guarantee to get you the most prizes you can get.

Try the game a few times, figure out the highest score you can get that has beaten AAA or Abigail's score. Once you've gotten the highest possible score you think you can manage and your game has ended, do NOT send your score. Go to the Daily Dare page and challenge AAA or Abigail (depending which score you've beaten).

Now, go back to your game and send your score - the score will be counted and you'll receive your respective prize. Remember, AAA always gives out better prizes because you have to work harder to beat his gaming scores - try to beat AAA 100% of the time. If you just can't beat his score, you can also stick to challenging Abigal. You'll still get prizes, and an extra bonus at the end - if you complete all the challenges.