The Wild Woods: Finding Fyora

1. Mystic Murmurs
2. The Faeries' Chest
3. Battledome: Snapjaw Wraith
4. Taelia's Brewing Center
5. Murmur, Battle and Potions
6. The Wild Woods
7. The Infirmary
8. Murmur, Battle and Potions Part 3
9. The Infirmary: Part 2
10. The Wild Woods: Finding Fyora
11. The Infirmary: Part 3
12. Murmur, Battle and Potions Part 4
13. The Wild Woods: Finding Kaia
14. The Infirmary: Part 4
15. Fighting Malum
16. The Infirmary: Part 5
17. The Infirmary: Part 6
18. Fiendish Formations
19. The Note and Forgotten Graveyard
20. The Clearing
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Fyora has gone into The Wild Woods to search for the source of the dark magic. She has not returned from her investigation. Clicking on the bridge beside Kaia at the Headquarters will take you to the Wild Woods.

Venture into the woods to complete the next step. This follows the same process as the previous exploring of The Wild Woods.

How it Works

Once you click on the bridge beside Kaia, you'll be taken to The Wild Woods. From there you can choose to proceed.

Upon entering the forest, you'll be presented with the option to go either left or right. The pattern is random for everyone, so you may need to keep trying. After about 60 - 90 minutes you should be able to try again. Additionally, the images may be different for some.

Having an unsuccessful attempt in The Wild Woods will be told you cannot go any further and asked to return to the headquarters before it gets dark.

You will be successful in this step when you reach the end and are able to find Fyora. When you've found her, she doesn't seem quite right.

Possible Theories

There are several possible theories on how to get through the Wild Woods. If you're unable to get through, you may want to try one of these out. It's possible that none of these solutions will be yours, but it's a place to start.

  • Choose all left directions.
  • Choose all right directions.
  • Choose the path that has been less rubbed out on the picture.
  • Choose the path with less rubble on it.

There is no achievement listed for this step.

Written by Mouseykins
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