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Neopets Dailies Faerie Crossword Answers and Daily Puzzle Answers

Happy Peophin Day!

on July 25, 3:42 pm NST by hrtbrk





Relic and Pastel





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Ruki Day Is Approaching!

on July 25, 2:48 pm NST by Ruto
Ruki Day is July 29th! Here's a preview of upcoming clothes.


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[FIXED] Neopets is having troubles

on July 25, 10:06 am NST by Xepha

As of 7:05AM NST, it seems like the log in issue has been resolved. We can go on about our usual Neopets business, yay!

Please do not panic if you are getting errors while trying to log in your Neopets account or do anything that requires you to input your password on the site. The problem is on Neopets' server side and your account is safe.

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New Dr Sloth Auction!

on July 25, 12:07 am NST by Ruto
Neopets' official auctions account has put the Wock Til You Drop Stamp up for bid! Follow along here, and if you have the neopoints, perhaps take part!


Comments: 6

[LIVE] New Game: Patapult!

on July 24, 4:29 pm NST by Ruto
A new NC Mall game called Patapult is now available to play!


Patapult Guide

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Unreleased Sklyde Colour!

on July 23, 6:05 pm NST by Ruto

Royal Sklyde

Comments: 1

Unreleased Caption #1367

on July 22, 3:59 pm NST by Ruto


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