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Daily Dare Days 29-32

Day 29 - Turmac Roll

600 pts.

Turmac Sushi Roll

80 pts.

Turmac Ice Lolly

135 pts.

Turmac Sweater
Day 30 - Faerie Bubbles

925 pts.

Faerie Bubbles Necklace

100 pts.

Earth Faerie Bubble Bouncy Ball

175 pts.

Faerie Bubbles Cannon
Day 31 - Ultimate Bullseye II

65 pts.

Ultimate Bulls Eye II Bullseye Rug

10 pts.

Ultimate Bulls Eye II Shish Kabob

17 pts.

Bullseye Earrings
Day 32 - Kass Basher

800 pts.

Loaf of Bread Bat

90 pts.

Kass Eye Shadow Set

140 pts.

Kass Pinata

Here we will post the game information, prizes, and scores needed each day so you have the upper hand in the Daily Dare. Unfortunately we haven't gotten to these days yet, but we'll be sure to update this page as soon as we do. :) Thanks for visiting TDN. Head on back to our Daily Dare Coverage for the newest information on the Daily Dare.

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