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Daily Dare Strategy

Using the information provided on Neopets or right here on the coverage you know what the game is and what both scores are that you must beat! Instead of challenging AAA or Abigail first and then playing the game, why don't you try this method that will guarantee to get you the most prizes you can get.

Try the game a few times, figure out the highest score you can get that has beaten AAA or Abigail's score. Once you've gotten the highest possible score you think you can manage and your game has ended, do NOT send your score. Go to the Daily Dare page and challenge AAA or Abigail (depending which score you've beaten).

Now, go back to your game and send your score - the score will be counted and you'll receive your respective prize. Remember, AAA always gives out better prizes because you have to work harder to beat his gaming scores - try to beat AAA 100% of the time, if you simply can't beat his score, or are bad at games just settle with Abigail most of the time. You'll still get prizes, and an extra bonus at the end - if you complete all the challenges.

AAA and Abigail
Can you really beat us?