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The Daily Dare

This the the Dare as we all know it from the last few years: both Abigail and AAA post scores and users choose to challenge one of them and win a prize. As always, you can only challenge ONE of the siblings each day. AAA's scores are generally higher than Abigail's and as such he awards better prizes.

TNT has revealed that there will be new day and date bonus prizes awarded when you beat AAA or Abigail on the day a challenge is released. In clear, it means that if you challenge AAA (or Abigail) and sucessfully beat their score on the same date the challenge was issued, you will earn an additional prize. The idea behind those prizes is to reward dedicated and enthousiasts players with bonus items.

Anyone who complete one or more Daily Dare challenges also earn a new site event trophy. This year, it is possible to earn one of the four following trophies:

Double Dare Challenges

Through the month, TNT will also select nine of the daily challenges to become Double Dares. If you choose to accept the Double Dare then you must challenge and beat AAA's score for that particular game - if you do, then you will receive both of the prizes for that day. However you must complete the Double Dare on the day it is released, otherwise you get nothing! In the eventuallity that you would only be able to beat or match Abigail's score for that day, you would be eligible to receive her tier final prizes, but you still would not get any prizes for that day.

If you don't feel you can beat AAA's score for a Double Dare, then you do not have to accept this challenge and can play the Daily Dare as you normally would. :)

Team Challenges

In this new type of challenge, Neopians have the opportunity to team up with one of their Neofriends to earn another bonus prize. The team challenges are scheduled to be released every Friday and to last throughout the weekend. To be eligible for the Team Challenge bonus prize, you and your Neofriend must both challenge AAA or Abigail and beat their score before the following Monday.

NC Challenges

Coming back from last years, the Avinroo siblings' cousin - a young Cybunny called Lulu - will also be challenging players in the NC Challenge! This challenge is pretty much completely separate to the normal Daily Dares, and requires players to purchase Game Tickets from the NC Mall to participate. There are thirty-one challenges and you will need one ticket per challenge.

Tickets must be activated via your inventory before you can use them to play a specific NC Challenge game, but once they have been activated you may play that game as many times as you like until you beat Lulu's score :) If you manage to complete all thirty of these challenges you will also receive a special, limited-edition NC item at the end of the month!

Also added this year is the Retro Tuesday Challenge. Buying the Daily Dare NC Retro Challenge Tuesdays Retro Challenge Game Ticket will let you take all 5 challenge using games from the previous year and their prizes, essentially re-releasing only NeoCash Items!

Daily Dare Staff Tournament

The Daily Dare Staff Tournament is an enjoyable addition to the Daily Dare Challenge in which The Neopets Team will play Daily Dare alongside Neopets users. The format of this staff tournament differs from the past years. The 16 contestants have paired up to form eight teams. Every week, two teams will battle and it's up to you to vote for the team that is most likely to win. Prizes are awarded to you when your predictions match with the winning team!