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The Neopies (pronounced nee-oh-peeas) continue in 2014, now looking back on 2013. Keeping the format of the previous year, the Sixth Annual Neopies . Every day a New Category is released until they're all out. Each category lasts 3 days and you can send in your votes once daily. The "Finalists" are still chosen by The Neopets Team, again, probably by using a Nominee Dart Board, and you get to choose the winner! Remember, voting every day gets you a special prize.

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Finalists and Winners

Best Site Event (January 14th - January 17th)

Obelisk War

Altador Cup

Daily Dare

Spooky Food Eating Contest
When an earthquake revealed a mysterious ancient obelisk in Tyrannia, six factions went to war over it, each convinced they deserved it most. To the victors go the boons! Tyrannia took the Cup, with Altador placing second and Roo Island coming in third at the eighth annual Altador Cup. This year saw a return of the bracket system for teams. Oh, Chadley... *ahem* AAA went to summer camp instead of running Daily Dare this year, leaving Abigail and her new friend Chadley to host the game competition. When a monster crashed the new eating contest, a pair of dashing brothers hunted it across and under Neovia. WAY under. Who knew those catacombs were so deep?

Obelisk War
Best News Day (January 16th - January 18th)

Faerie Festival

Tyrannian Victory Day

Artists Take the Day Off

Lawyerbot Day
This year's Faerie Festival was notable for the release of six gorgeous new faerie-themed eye shadows and a distinct lack of evil speckled Xweetoks, to the relief of many. Tyrannian Victory Day was celebrated in style in the revamped Tyrannia, complete with a matching foreground and background. Nothing like a marquee to show it off, too. Well, this year's Artist on Vacation Day did provide a new How To Draw... and uh, some "interesting" items... Artists, please don't leave again! *cries* After Kari's pesky interruption, Lawyerbot Day had plenty of 1s, 0s, and robotic fanart for the ol' tin can, who provided a spooky new poem for the occasion.

Faerie Festival
Best Species Specific Wearable (January 17th - January 19th)

Chomby Warrior

Extravagant Krawk

Punk Techo

Dangerous Kyrii
Encased in rippling sheets of special steel alloy, any Chomby would be the terror of the battlefield with this full-body set. It takes a Chomby to lift the weight of it, too. Oh, the parties this outfit will see... this set is fit for the upper echelons of Neopian society with its ostentatious feathers and frills. Sway-approved. With not one but two deadly blades and a book filled with mysterious writing, this set is perfect for the fiercest Kyrii. That hairstyle looks to die for... hope it's not! From its boots to its mohawk, this set is the ultimate in punk fashion, sneering at pink and looking on tidy ruffles with disdain. Want to look tough? Look no further.

Chomby Warrior
Best Premium Collectible Item (January 18th - January 20th)

Spiky Black Lace Cape

Taelia Handheld Plushie

Peaceful Water Fountain

Opalescent Wig
Splendidly gothic, this cape is just the thing to throw over one's shoulders for a delicate and spooky look without the weight of plush velvet like so many capes. A more adorable, snuggly version of Taelia is not to be found! Really. Attempts to snuggle the real Snow Faerie may result in serious frostbite or snowblindness. With its soothing fountain and fragrant garden, this background is the perfect place to step away from the commotion and take a relaxing break during the day. Silvery pale with just a sheen of rosy pink, the versatile Opalescent Wig adds a unique touch to virtually any ensemble. Also reputed to be easy to take care of!

Peaceful Water Fountain
Best New Neopet Colour (January 19th - January 21th)

Camouflage Lenny

Relic Korbat

Woodland Ruki

Mutant Poogle
With subtle, carefully mottled colour, this Lenny doesn't have that "escapee from a military surplus store" look that camouflage is known for. It looks familiar, somehow... Just when you thought it was safe to wander through the graveyard, the relic Korbat appeared, lurking like a common gargoyle. There's nothing common about this Korbat colour. Rukis may come from the desert, but this colour is at home in the forest. With delicate leaves at its joints, this Ruki blends in with trees and rocks rather well. Like some kind of otherworldly monster from the abyss, the mutant Poogle glares balefully, proving that mutants are more than just Neopets with a little more drool.

Mutant Poogle
Best Hair (January 20th - January 22nd)




The only female in the running, Siyana was amused to learn of her nomination. "All I do is run a brush through my hair at dawn. It's just naturally shiny and golden." When asked what gel he uses, Kell responded, "I tried lots of things. Let me just say, ectoplasm isn't ideal. Neither is most slime. That cinnamon scent is nice, though." Don't bother interviewing other contestants," Chadley tells us. "Nothing can compete with the 'do. I'm delighted to share it with any newcomers to Neopia, though!" The taller Monster Hunter brother was happy to pose for the committee, saying, "We don't get much recognition for our dangerous work, and oh, this is about hair? Weird."

Best Revamps (January 21th - January 23rd)


Money Tree

Tyrannia Map

Spotlights Page
This year saw a tidying up of the inventory, with new links and information added for the convenience of Neopians everywhere. The Money Tree is bigger than ever, with more room under its branches for all those... delightful... treasures that kind Neopians have charitably donated to those in need. With its sparkling new maps, countless hours can be idled away watching exotic wildlife and wandering the humble villages of the Tyrannian Jungle and Plateau. Gone is the disorganised list of old. Now you can find all the creative competitions neatly categorised and ready to enter. Hmm, that makes a good New Year's resolution...

Tyrannia Map
Best Mystery Capsule (January 22nd - January 24th)

Perfectly Pastel Mystery Capsule

Discovery of Wobbleshire Mystery Capsule

6th Birthday Mystery Capsule

Living Nightmares Mystery Capsule
Neopians were able to pay homage to spring with some perfectly pastel wearables, thanks to the Perfectly Pastel Mystery Capsule. Is it real? Maybe in an alternate timeline! Part of the Twisted Histories Capsule Adventure, this item provided an interesting glimpse into a totally bizarre place. To celebrate the NC Mall's sixth birthday, this Mystery Capsule offered a chance at festive items to help Neopets party in style. Ohh... creepy! This Mystery Capsule captured the essence of a spooky Halloween just in time for the big holiday. Disturbing items lurked in its depths.

Living Nightmares Mystery Capsule
Best New Avatar (January 23rd - January 25th)

Monster Hunting

Snow Roller

Battleground: Awakened

Why hunt monsters when you can emote? Why not do both?!? This avatar answers the really important unasked questions of the Spooky Food Eating Contest. For those days when life hits you like a giant snowball rolling down Terror Mountain and crushing everything in its path... This avatar provides. Two charming young girls, a fun bit of fireworks... so what if they just summoned a horde of undead monsters? We have the Obelisk War to thank for this avatar. Prove your mettle at the mysterious game of Goparokko and earn this avatar. Is that Yurble trying to hypnotise you? Look closer and find out.

Battleground: Awakened
Best Neopoint Wearable (January 24th - January 26th)

Glowing Spell Runes Foreground


Runes of the Obelisk

Fyoras Eyeshadow
Only the most powerful and well-learned wizards are responsible enough to risk stepping safely into this circle of runes from Daily Dare... Is anyone impervious to the "Awww" factor with the adorable Moehog-themed wearable plushie? You can practically see its tail wag. As spooky and mysterious as the Oracle herself, the Runes of the Obelisk recall the strange writings inscribed on the monument that kicked off the Obelisk War. The Faerie Queen herself was spotted checking out this eye shadow with her signature violet-lidded eyes. "It would make getting ready so much faster!" she said.

Glowing Spell Runes Foreground
Best NC Accompaniment (January 25th - January 27th)

Honest Pete

Fanatic's Museum

Chef Julien's Backstage Tasting Kitchen

Perilous Catacombs Runic Doors
Honestly, he's not sure why the Festival of Neggs is such a big deal. It's not like there's massive profit to be made, not like his little side operation... This year saw Neopians traipsing through the Techo Fanatic's Museum after he kindly opened his doors to a select few. He appears to have the biggest AC collection ever! For anyone feeling adventurous, the chef of the Spooky Food Eating Contest allowed backstage visits to his kitchen, with a few (fortunately inedible) souvenirs. There were plenty of doors in the Perilous Catacombs, but perhaps none so rewarding as the Runic Doors. Strange things lurk in the depths under Neovia...

Perilous Catacombs Runic Doors
Best Heard Around The Office (January 26th - January 28th)

Mr. Insane



DJ Skellington
"Yes, but the primary universe is trillions of cubic miles of nothing but shrimp sauce." "Everything I type sounds sarcastic, but I assure you that only like 83% of it actually is." "You voice everything that I can only express through bitter tears." "My shirt will out-sell your hair!"

Best Neopoint Item (January 27th - January 29th)

Success Pending Hopping Hasee Toy

Marshmallow Plumpy

Turkey Monster

Unconverted Apple
Hop! Hop! Hop! Mesmerising, isn't it? That agonised feeling of desperately hoping the score sends can now be relived with this cute toy! If it's modelled after the Plumpy, can it really be sweet? Diehard sweet-tooths assure us that yes, it does belong in the candy shop. It's... aliiiive!!! Neopians everywhere ran from their Turkey Monsters this year. Are they gathering in some secret dark place to take over Neopia? We may never know. It's uncoverted; it must be worth a fortune, right? Thanks to Bart, anyone can own this apple with classic gradient colouring.

Marshmallow Plumpy
Best Advent Animation (January 28th - January 30th)

Day 23 - Fuzzle Present

Day 1 - Sandcastles

Day 19 - Underwater Christmas Tree

Day 22 - Kell and Corbin
And the moral of this story is... beware Fuzzles bearing gifts? No, it's "Don't eat the Tofu Space Slug Soup." No matter how big your castle is, someone else has already built a bigger one with turrets. When life hands you lemons, decorate them for the holidays... or something like that. Nothing says the holidays like some brotherly kindness... even if it requires a little subterfuge.

Day 19 - Underwater Christmas Tree
Best NC Mall Wearable (January 29th - January 31st)

Unsettling Reflection Foreground

Forgotten Faerie Grove Background

MiniMME13-S1: Gothic Summer Waistcoat

Mint and Aqua Flower Wig
That face in the mirror looks familiar somehow... oh, wait. Is there anything spookier than a place symbolising the downfall of the faeries? Expressive of that particular state of mind in which only the bleakest buckles and grimmest cravat will do. What a glorious cascade of tresses! Everyone was seeing green over this flowery wig.

Forgotten Faerie Grove Background
Best New Petpet (January 30th - February 1st)



Tamed Mini-Monster

In honour of Coltzan's beloved pet, the ghostly king presented a Sparky to anyone who visited his shrine one day this year. Sweet rather than ferocious, the Lellefisk loves blowing bubbles. It appreciates a good brushing, too. Many of these Tamed Mini-Monsters were discovered in the Perilous Catacombs under Neovia. They often enjoy Spooky Food. Its delicate wings can transport it quickly between delicious ice crystals, or to its next hide and seek spot.

Best Background (January 31st - February 2nd)

Scenic Tyrannian Background

Secluded Bench Background

Temple of 1000 Tombs Interior Background

Lawyerbots Number One Fan Background
Tyrannians and their friends rejoiced in seeing their jungle home cleaned up and beautified. Requests for a water slide were denied, sadly. It turns out there are still quiet places in Neopia where the Techo Fanatic isn't allowed to go. This shady garden is definitely one of them. There's probably a lot of insight to be gained from reading all of these scrolls. Good thing someone organised them. Oh, look, there's a Lawyerbot plushie! And another one... and another... oh my. It looks like someone's a big fan.

Secluded Bench Background
Best New Battledome Challenger (February 1st - February 3rd)

The Duchess

Smug Philosopher

Lanie and Lillie

A more formidable Lenny is hard to find. The aristocratic leader of the Sway, the Duchess has revealed nothing of her master plan to any but her top lieutenants. Known as Sandro by his friends, the Smug Philosopher is a scholar of war and has a large collection of books on the subject. He's written a number of them. Two adorable young girls with a fondness for the undead in every form, the twins who led the Awakened apparently believed they were organising a birthday party. Ruthless and so quick that it's said his hands blur when he steals, Kanrik is the taciturn leader of the Thieves Guild. He prefers to let the rabble do most of the work.

Best Caption Image (February 2nd - February 4th)

1308 - Defenders in Training

1313 - Rrrroooooowr!

1300 - Fighting in Style

1297 - Showdown at the Obelisk
Blue Moehog: Say what you will about spandex, but at least it doesn't need to be ironed! - By fur_and_paws Frankie wanted to see if she really COULD get a Devilpuss by "just adding water." - By anorie Darigan Chomby: What's your favorite faction?
Yellow Chomby: Three-eighths.
Darigan Chomby: I said FACTION, not FRACTION. - By hufflepuff
It wasn't until the fighting began that everyone realised how hard it would be to tell each faction apart.... - By pafc_will

1313 - Rrrroooooowr!


Below are all the possible items you can win! If you get a prize that is not on our list, feel free to contact us.

Battle and Training


Customization and Neohome


Gifts, Instruments, Plushies and Toys


Petpets and Petpetpets

Thanks for voting!

For casting your Neopies vote every day during the event, players were awarded the Ultimate Fan Room Background

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