Games Master Challenge - Day 6

Timed Challenge

Team Brains: Break the Mould
Send a score of 232 in Lost in Space Fungus (guide)

Team Brawn: Victory is Written in the Stars
Send a score of 42689 in Nova Defender (guide)

Random Challenge

Easy as Gaseous Moonpie

Send scores for 3 different qualifying games from your Favourites List.

Pro Tip: Add today's other games to your favourites before playing, so that they count for this challenge as well!

Game Challenge

Team Brains: Double Trouble... in Space!
Send a score of 419 in Escape to Kreludor (guide) AND Send a score of 168 in Moon Rock Rampage (guide)

Team Brawn: Galactic Juggling
Send a score of 12 in Zurroball (guide) AND Send a score of 218 in Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars (guide)

Game Challenge

Sloth Won't See This Coming!

Send a score of 3106 in Spacerocked (guide).