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Our Vision

Our vision is to reach every Neopets player and assist them with fantastic guides and help.

Our Story

The Daily Neopets was started in 2005 as a joint effort between The Daily Neopets' creator, Ian McQueen, and Pink Poogle Toy's creator, Kym Huynh. The Daily Neopets was originally intended to be a resource for unreleased Neopets news. Since then, it has grown to become the most-visited Neopets help site in the world, with thousands of pages of Neopets help.

Our Staff

Team TDN has been together since 2005. Here is our current staff listing. If you'd like to get in touch with us, don't hesitate to Contact Us. If you'd like to check out our current job openings, please click Now Hiring.


Content Director

Content Team
  • Theo
  • Brooke
  • Livvy
  • Midtime
Altador Cup Team
  • Miko
  • Austin
Head of News Department

News Posters
  • Matt
Co-Heads of Battlepedia

Battlepedia Reviewers & Content
  • Aquamentis
Head Forum Moderator

Forum Moderators
  • Kaie
  • Brianna
  • Sara
Head of Customisation

Customization Team
  • Emily
  • Annukii
  • Deb
Avatar Lending Program Lenders
  • Spritzie
  • Emily
  • Kaie
  • Dawn
  • Deb

Honorary Team Members

This is TDN's staff member Hall of Fame! These individuals are recognized and remembered for their exceptional contribution to The Daily Neopets over a number of years.

The Original Feedhornet

The Puzzle Goddess

Master of Weaponlogy

Quality Inspector Extraordinaire

Content Maestro

Jack of All Departments

Decade of Dedication

Our Mascot

Meet our site mascot, Jerry the Pteri! Pteris are loving creatures who soar through the skies with ease. When Jerry isn't preoccupied with keeping the Meepits out of our servers' ductwork, he can be found playing practical jokes on Team TDN or wreaking havoc on TDN's site header.

Jerry continues to have an eventful life at TDN. Over the years, he's been kidnapped and his candy has been stolen. Rule of thumb: don't ever steal a Pteri's candy!

Previous Layouts

  • Sky Blue Jelly Blumaroo (2005)
  • Version 2 (2005)
  • Version 3 (2005-2006)
  • Version 4 (2006)
  • Version 5 (2006-2007)
  • Y2 (2007-2008)
  • Y3 (2008-2013)
  • Pineapple (2013 - present)

Previous Site Events

  • The Daily Neopets Super Update Week (2005)
  • "Where's Jerry?" Plot (2006)
  • Space Faerie Plot: The Scattering of the Stars (2006)
  • Halloween Plot: Ian's Missing (2006)
  • The Daily Neopets August Games (2006)
  • Kalium Echo (2007)
  • Birthday Bash: Negg Hunt (2008)
  • Puzzle Challenge (2008)
  • Christmas Logic Puzzle (2008)
  • The Case of Jerry's Missing Candy (2009)
  • Puzzle Challenge (2013)

April Fool's Jokes

  • The Daily Pretty Petz (2007)
  • The Daily Neopets Y3 (2008) which wasn't actually a joke
  • The Daily PiƱata (Fake Staff Chat) (2011)
  • TDN Con (2012)
  • The Daily Egg Cave (2013)
  • The Daily Neopaints (2014)


The Daily Neopets Thanks

Previous Staff Members

Here we'd like to take the time to acknowledge those who have contributed to TDN in the past. Their works here will not be forgotten! These folks hold a special place in our hearts at TDN.

Alice (Neoavatars, Content)
Meghan (Customisation)
Ruto (Moderator)
Thgil (Battlepedia)
Duma (Midnight)
Vyvren (Moderator)
Vaxanas (Customisation)
Vespacide (Customisation)
Sabs (Customisation, ALP)
Shaybe (Midnight)
Alex (Battlepedia)
SidtheSnail (Content)
Rebecca (Content, Battlepedia)
Neuroartsy (Customisation)
Lou (News)
Jayden (ALP)
DeAndra (Content)
Zombiiesque (Moderator, Content)
Lydia/Mary (Altador Cup Team, Content)
Neomysterion (Moderator)
Duskitty (Battlepedia)
Demon (Battlepedia)
Riah (News)
Tinyplasticdinos (News)
Xander (Battlepedia)
Jeff (Battlepedia)
Lady Kakata (Customisation)
Pamela (ALP)
Eevee (Content)
Elan (Battlepedia)
Baron Dante (Battlepedia)
Msmanic (Content)
Blaisezabini (Altador Cup Team)
Jenny (News Team)
Karmacow (Content Team)
Razalina (Content Team)
Alberto (Altador Cup, Content)
Madison (Customisation)
Saxen (News)
Co (Content)
BlackJaguar (Battlepedia)
Bik (Customisation)
Crusher (Moderator)
Jeans (News)
Viridian (Moderator, Content)
Babird1 (Content)
Mauro (Battlepedia)
Ellie (Customisation)
Shadaw (Battlepedia Reviewer)
Grant (Content)
Smokey (Altador Cup Team)
Motz (Altador Cup Team)
Saphira (Content)
Stephanie (Moderators)
Kat (News)
Muchabi (Battlepedia)
Ashley (ALP)
GyniE (Content)
Kyle (Altador Cup)
Whacker (Content)
Amanda (Customization)
HBK (Battlepedia)
Lion (Battlepedia Reviewer)
Tivsy (News)
Metroid (Content)
FutureTXGovernor (News)
Symplig0th (Content)
Pandar (Battlepedia Reviewer)
ScottDog (Battlepedia Reviewer)
Nikitachi (Content)
oowowaee (Content Editor)
Keiba (News)
Zac (Moderator)
Scepticallistic (BP Reviewer)
Ryan (Content)
Mike (Forum Administrator)
Ellie (Content)
Matt (Moderator, ALP)
Eric (Moderator, ALP)
Samuel (Head of Content)
Chipmonker (Debate Forum Moderator)
Jasper (News)
Hyperknuckles (News, Content)
Emily (Content)
PineappleJoe (Content)
Karla (Content)
Tanuki (Content, Graphics)
Nadyell (Content, Graphics)
Lord Rahl (Content)
Laura (Everything)
Allstar (Editorial, News)
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