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Usurper is a murder mystery set in the Royal Palace of Sakhmet. The king has collapsed after a great feast with five royal guests, and foul play is suspected. Who killed the king is the question we are asking... and every day we will release a new clue, until you have all the information you need to solve the mystery! Usurper, as you can see, was one of TNT's mystery plots that they hold every so often, this one took place from July 9th 2001 until July 16th 2001.


In total, 5 clues were released on the clues page and 2 hidden ones in the neopedia. The five "official" ones are listed below.

  • Clue One - The person who was sniffing constantly ate four whole courses of food. Senator Barca did not eat the Cheops Omelette.
  • Clue Two - The female guest who ate Fried Ummagine helped herself to two courses. The guest who burped loudly through the entire meal (who was not Princess Sankara) ate the smelly Grakle Stew.
  • Clue Three - Advisor Wessle had exactly one less course than the guest who ate the Cheops Omelette.
  • Clue Four - Both Senator Barca and the shifty-looking guest went back for more than one course of food.
  • Clue Five - Senator Palpus, who did not speak loudly throughout the meal, had the Tut Trout.


Guest Meal Habit Courses

Advisor Wessle

Sphinx Links
Ate Messily 3

Senator Barka

Fried Ummagine
Spoke Loudly 2

Princess Sankara

Cheops Omelette
Sniffing 4

Princess Vyssa

Grakle Stew
Burping 1

Senator Palpus

Tut Trout


The first 10 people to correctly guess the solution won themselves 2 million NP each. The first 100 people to guess the solution correctly each got a free magical item.

Written by Ryan
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