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Meridellians always have the most exciting way to kill time: Turdle racing, Cheese roller, Kiss the Mortog... Potato Counter is yet another game of the same type. In this game, you get to test your counting speed by ... counting potatoes.

Controls and Instructions

Simply use your keyboard to input the number of potatoes that are on the page and then click on "guess!". If you are right, Alton Moughbry will award you a few Neopoints, based on the time it took you to guess. If you guess correctly in under 30 seconds, you win 75 NP, and if you take longer you win 50 NP. Like other games, you can guess the potatoes 3 times each day.

Most of the time, it's quite easy to correctly count the potatoes on the page. However, on rare occasions, the page can be filled with potatoes. We've even had visitors report numbers as high as 1885, 1929, or 1950 potatoes showing on the page! Wow!

Pile of Potatoes

Tips & Strategies

Potato Counter is an easy game, but in order to increase your speed, there are different strategies you can use. Try them all and stick with the one you are the most comfortable with.

Touch and count: Use your mouse or a pencil to touch each potato and count out loud. This is the slowest method you can use.

Count by twos: Use your mouse or a pencil to count every other potato. As you do, count by twos. At the end, if you have an extra potato, count one more to get your total count. Since you're not pausing on each potato, this method is faster than the previous one.

Group the potatoes: Similar to the previous method, group the potatoes by 3, 4 or 5. If you can count by threes, fours, or fives, then do so, or you can count your groups and multiply it at the end.

Double-pencils method: Use two pencils and start counting from the sides. For example, place the tip of your pencil on the first potato on the left and the other pencil on the right and count from the outside to the inside.

Subtractions: Use your mind and common sense by subtracting the number of potatoes per row. The limit per row is 10 potatoes so for example, if you see potatoes half the way, then it means you have 5 potatoes on that row.


Potato Counter is a quick and easy game that will earn you a few extra Neopoints to achieve any of your goals faster. Play it every day and your counting speed will surely increase. If you enjoy this game, make sure to try the flash version of it called Extreme Potato Counter .

Written by Ellie and Xepha
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