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Let It Slide is a platform like game. It should remind you of Mario Bros and other similar games. You are controlling a Snuffly and your aim is to go through the ice cave, collecting gems and avoiding Gabars.

Game play & Instructions

Use the left and right arrow keys to move your Snuffly. You can either use the up arrow key or the space bar to jump. If you need to jump higher, hold down the up arrow key or the space bar.

If you stay on an iceberg for too long time, it will be submerged by water and you will lose a life.

If you stand up on a melting platform, it will disappear after a short period of time.

When your Snuffly is wearing an helicopter, his jump are easier to control thus, making it easier to collect gem or avoiding snowballs and gabars.

How to score:

Your score will be count after each level or after losing all your lives.

Each collected gem will give you 10 points;
Each heart will give you 50 points
Each remaining second to your time will give you 1 bonus point.

Tips & Strategies

You start each level with 3 lives and 200 seconds in your timer. You will get more points from collecting hearts and gems than by finishing the level quickly. It's better to spend a few extra second to get a gem than rushing to the finish line with less gems.

Type stalactites to get an extra life! (Once per game)

Gabars can jump, walk, fly and throw snowballs at you. Avoid them! For those of you who are playing Mario games, remember that you CANNOT kill the Gabars by jumping on them or in any other way. Don't injure yourself when you accidentally lose a life jumping on one. The best advice I can give you is to focus your attention on the game!

Here are a two other things to watch out for: don't fall in the water and don't touch the stalagmites! You will start encountering water in level 2 and stalagmites in level 3.

Also, to move a boulder forward, you will need to run backwards. It might sound tricky to do, but with a little practise you will do it just fine.


Snuffly and Gabar are wintery petpets that you can attach to your Neopets. Snuffly are called that way because of the snuffling noise it makes when it is searching the ground for food. Gabar is an adorable creature loves to snuggle and to play. According to Neopets, it's better not to leave them alone for a long time...


Let It Slide is a fun and addictive game. I played the game for 2 hours straight without being bored a second! With some practise, you will be able to make your way throughout the game and perhaps earn a trophy. If that is your goal, then the time bonus might do a difference for you. Have fun playing!

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