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If you've ever been to the Igloo Garage Sale , you know that there are rarely any items stocked there for you to buy. Thats because the two workers that run the sale, Mika and Carassa, can't get the items out of the attic fast enough! Luckily, you can help them by playing as Mika and catching the items that Carassa throws down to you from the attic.

Controls & Instructions

Simply use the left and right arrow keys to make Mika move left and right, and the up key to make him jump. Collect all the items for points except the bombs and pianos. Check out the table below to see all the items.

1 Point

3 Points

2 Points

5 Points

10 Points

50 Points

Stunned 3 sec

Game Over

Be sure to avoid the pianos and bombs; letting the piano hit you will automatically end your game, while the bomb will freeze you for three seconds. The bomb will also sit on the bottom of the screen for a few seconds before exploding; basically, never touch the bomb.

Tips & Strategies

Don't let anything hit the ground! Yes, it's obvious, but it's really the only advice that I can give you. Of course practice makes perfect and you should be in an environment free of distractions, but those things are pretty obvious. Though, I guess I could go a bit more in depth with the don't let anything hit the ground rule... because if you achieve this goal, you will be awarded with extra points at the end of the level (double the points actually). Also, realize that you don't need to catch the items in the order they fall, use your common sense and get the ones that you know will hit the ground first, there can be quite the variation in speeds. Drop five items in any level and it's game over, which is yet another reason for not letting anything hit the ground. Lastly, whether you choose to use the jump function is up to you. The downside is that it can temporarily cause a slight loss of control, which can be annoying when the items are falling faster. However, you can also jump over obstacles that are close enough to the ground to avoid them and reach other items. You should play around with the feature and decide if and when it works to your advantage.


The game, as a whole, is quite easy to understand, just left and right and Don't let anything hit the ground. Of course, getting a trophy or even onto the high scores list is quite difficult, as with any other game, but it's possible... anything is possible. Also, if you just love this game, why not play its predecessor , a look into the past of Mika and Carissa!

Written by Ryan
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