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NP Ratio: 1.00
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Double or Nothing is another one of Meridell's well-known luck and chance games. It is very similar to Kiss the Mortog, complete with annoying-to-get avatar!

Controls & Instructions

Playing is simple. All you have to do is click on the coin with your mouse. If it lands on heads, you double your cash, starting with 10 Neopoints for the first round. You will then have the choice of either collecting your current winnings or continuing on to the next round. If it lands on tails, however, you forfeit all your winnings for that game and must start over. You have a 50% chance of winning any given round.

Tips & Strategies

There aren't really any strategies for Double or Nothing since all you can do is flip the coin or collect your winnings. However, I typically collect my winnings around the 160 NP mark. Unless you're playing for the avatar, there's no sense taking that risk.

If you're annoyed with the hard-to-get avatar, just remember that there's only a 1 in 64 chance of getting the avatar in any given game.

If you start losing more neopoints than you're winning, try taking a break from it. You might as well cut your losses while you still can.

The possible winnings are listed below. The avatar can be obtained by collecting your winnings of 320 neopoints or more.

NOTE: It is speculated that if your score needs to be reviewed, you will not get the avatar, even if the score is accepted, despite what it says in the confirmation Neomail.
Round Winnings
1 20
2 40
3 80
4 160
5 320 + avatar
6 640 + avatar
7 1,280 + avatar
8 2,560 + avatar
9 5,120 + avatar
10 10,240 + avatar
...and so on. ...and so on.


Double or Nothing is simply a game of chance, so don't get frustrated with it. And unless you really like risking your hard-earned Neopoints, you'd do best to avoid this sneaky Skeith after you nab the avatar.

Written by Ian
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