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NP Ratio: 1.49
460 pts :: 1000 NP


Chia Bombers have invaded Geoffrey Chia's neighborhood and are attacking him and his friends with their nasty mud-slinging bazookas! Geoffrey has set out with his homemade water-balloon gun in an effort to drive them out of town!

Controls & Instructions

You control Geoffrey's movement with the arrow keys and you can shoot his water-balloon gun with the spacebar. Press the M key to drop a mine (up to 5 per levels). Your own mines can't hurt you but be careful not to walk on Chia bombers mines!

The idea of the game is to pass through each level. To clear a level you need to hit all of the chia bombers. Some chias only take one hit to kill them, and others take as much as five! This brings us to the number of hits it takes to destroy a bomber:

Green - take only one hit and just wander around.
Blue - takes only two hits and has a slightly higher sense of direction.
Yellow - takes three hits to kill and if not seen it can easily kill you.
Red - takes four hits and will begin to follow you around.
Black - takes a whopping five hits to kill and will try and kill you!

Each level has a set amount of points you can get, there are no bonuses in Chia Bomber 2. Here are the set amounts:

Level 1 - all green chias (80 pts)
Level 2 - seven green, one blue (80 pts)
Level 3 - six green, two blue (80 pts)
Level 4 - five green, two blue, one yellow (80 pts)
Level 5 - four green, two blue, two yellow (80 pts)
Level 6 - three green, two blue, two yellow, one red (80 pts)
Level 7 - two green, two blue, two yellow, two red (80 pts)
Level 8 - one green, two blue, two yellow, two red, one black (80 pts)
Level 9 - two blue, two yellow, two red, two black (80 pts)
Level 10 - two blue, two yellow, two red, two black (80 pts)
Level 11 - three yellow, three red, three black (90 pts)
Level 12 - five red, five black (100 pts)

Tips & Strategies

There are two main strategies with this game. You can either be safe than sorry, or go out and try to kill all the chias. They both have their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Safe Strategy
    This is a great strategy if you have a lot of patience. It may not work in the earlier levels (or just go really slowly), but in the later levels it can be bulletproof. The idea is to stay in one corner, preferably the corner you start in, and setup mines all around you. Just wait for the chias to come to you, and you only need to fire in two directions. (supposing they didn't already blow up on a mine)
  • Kill 'em Fast Strategy
    If you can't stay in the same spot for more than five seconds, then this is the strategy for you. It doesn't quite involve much strategy, rather than being quick. Just go out and try to kill the chia bombers. Be sure not to get to close to higher-level bombers because it can take numerous shots to kill them!


At any point in the game if you type, "geoffrey", then you will gain an extra life.

While you are at the main screen in the beginning, if you hold down the right arrow and press 'Start', then you will start in the upper left corner and can immediately begin firing to the right at the chia bombers. You can also get the same result in between levels by ending the level in the top row and holding down the right and space keys.


You need 1300 points for the avatar, so it may take lots of practice, but keep trying! Practice makes perfect. Good luck!

Written by Mike
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