View your inventory while having an item or items in your inventory that total an "Est. Value" of 5 million NP or higher, such as 93 Golden Geraptiku Talisman (roughly 25k total) or 121 Bag of Infinite Neggs (roughly 12k total). Refreshing is required.

Categories: Item
Release Date: September 23, 2003
Items Needed: Item(s) whose estimated value exceeds 5m NP, such as 93 Golden Geraptiku Talisman, 121 Bag of Infinite Neggs, or 72 Ice Shield
Estimated Cost: 25,000 NP (approximately)
Rarity: 29.58% have this avatar

Related TDN Content: n/a
Available through TDN's Avatar Lending Program? No

#3165CE #13274F #FB0000