Purchase any rarity 80 or higher item from the Clothing Shop .

Categories: Miscellaneous
Release Date: March 2, 2004
Items Needed: Rarity 80 Item: Blue Cap, Feepits Win T-shirt, Green JubJub Cap, I Love My Mutant Faellie Shirt, JubJub T-shirt, Lord Kass Halloween Costume, Lucky Fishing Boots, Lucky Fishing Hat, Meepits Win T-shirt, Orange Cap, Red Cap, War Chia Top, Yellow Mortog T-Shirt.
Estimated Cost: 5,000 NP (approximately)
Rarity: 45.99% have this avatar

Related TDN Content: n/a
Available through TDN's Avatar Lending Program? No

#B45CB4 #FDA16A #44A8FF