Tyrannian Obelisk War

Before war broke out in Tyrannia, the Obelisk needed to be unveiled. This was done by digging it out at the Mysterious Dig Site. From the Dig Site, Neopians were able to get access to exclusive NC wearables. This part of the plot was called Scanning for Buried Relics. After the Obelisk was revealed, war broke out across Tyrannia! With the war came another NC component, called Luminous Casks. These casks were available when fighting the faction opponents. Hidden inside were exclusive NC wearable items. What did you uncover?

Scanning for Buried Relics

Tyrannia has been disturbed lately by volcanic activity. This revealed a dig site for players to dig for buried artifacts. By going to the dig site and clicking the heap of sand, players will be brought to the NC Mall page where they can claim their items. This event will run from February 12, 2013 to February 25, 2013.

Click the area circled in red to go to the NC Mall page and dig for hidden relics.

Getting Started

Tyrannian Scanoscopes are available from the NC Mall in a 1-pack, 5-pack and 14-pack. Once the desired pack has been purchased it needs to be activated before you can start digging and claim your exclusive items. To activate your pack, go to your Neopoint Inventory and click on your Tyrannian Scanoscope pack. From the dropdown window select the option "Activate Tyrannian Scanoscope" and then head back over to the dig site page to begin excavating.

The Tyrannian Scanoscope packages can be gifted to other users inside a gift box. You can only dig once and users can participate in the event on their side accounts as well. Prizes can be claimed for previous days as well, just click on the day you would like to apply your Scanoscope to and claim your prize for that day.

Daily Prizes

Luminous Casks

With the start of the war in Tyrannia, special Luminous Casks have been found. As the fighting continues more casks will be uncovered. Some of the casks will have more items available, while others will have less. Each type of cask contains a different set of exclusive NC Mall items. There is only one exclusive NC Mall item in each cask. Collect all the casks to receive all the exclusive items. Each item is only awarded once to each person. You won't get duplicates of the same item from the casks.

When you receive a cask from the Battledome, you'll need to head on over to the NC Mall to purchase a Silver Cask Key for 125NC. All the different casks are opened with the same key from the mall. You will need one key per cask to receive your exclusive items.

The Luminous Casks are no trade items that are only obtainable from the Battledome during the war. These casks are obtainable from any group of challengers.

Luminous Casks and Items

Yellow Luminous Cask

Yellow Luminous Cask

Purple Luminous Cask

Purple Luminous Cask

Green Luminous Cask

Green Luminous Cask

Orange Luminous Cask

Orange Luminous Cask

Blue Luminous Cask

Blue Luminous Cask
Written by Mouseykins
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