Neopets Stamps and Collectables

Ahhh, stamps; not just another thing to collect, but a whole new experience! You can feel the success of finishing a whole album flowing through your veins, and you may even get a brand new avatar as a reward for your hard work! Unfortunately, these stamps do not come cheap, they can range from 5 to 500,000 NP... EACH. But if you're really determined to beat your friends, or get that avatar, then nothing can beat your determination (right?!).

Where do I get Stamps?
You can receive stamps in many ways, through random events, prizes for various games, you can buy them from the Post Office , User Shops , the Trading Post , or the Auctions .

I have a stamp... now what?
Well, you can put it in your Album , and then view an overview of all your stamps. But beware, once you put a stamp into your album, you cannot take it back out to resell!

Wait a minute, those aren't all stamps!
Yes, that true, but your stamp album has special pages that are large enough to hold coins, shells, and coconuts! There are a few extra pages for those things and they work just the same as stamps do, nothing to worry about.

Stamp Albums


Siyana Stamp

First Edition Altador Petpet Stamp

Fauna Stamp

Jerdana Stamp

The Wave Stamp

Marak Stamp

Altadorian Farmer Stamp

Gordos Stamp

Psellia Stamp

Second Edition Altador Petpet Stamp

Perfectly Flat Rock Stamp

Kelland Stamp

Altador Food Stamp

Florin Stamp

Astronomy Club Stamp

Finneus Stamp

Altador Magic Stamp

The Sleeper Constellation Stamp

Torakor Stamp

Angry Janitor Stamp

Darkest Faerie Stamp

Sasha Stamp

Yooyu Celebration Stamp

King Altador Stamp

Altador Colosseum Stamp

The Battledome

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Sword of Skardsen Stamp

Attack Pea Stamp

Slorg Flakes Stamp

Faerie Slingshot Stamp

Hubrids Puzzle Box Stamp

Eraser of the Dark Faerie Stamp

Jhudoras Bewitched Ring Stamp

Everlasting Crystal Apple Stamp

Sword of the Air Faerie Stamp

Jewelled Scarab Stamp

Rod of Dark Nova Stamp

Jade Scorchstone Stamp

Thyoras Tear Stamp

Exploding Space Bugs Stamp

Monoceraptor Claw Stamp

Wand of the Dark Faerie Stamp

Alien Aisha Myriad Stamp

Alien Aisha Ray Gun Stamp

Kings Lens Stamp

Ring of Sloth Stamp

Illusens Staff Stamp

Shield of Pion Troect Stamp

Rainbow Sticky Hand Stamp

Dark Battle Duck Stamp

Battle Slices Stamp

Battle for Meridell

Dark Graspberry Stamp

Gelert Prince Stamp

Sunblade Stamp

Meridell Gardens Stamp

Petpet Growth Syrup Stamp

Zafara Princess Stamp

Gallion Stamp

Quiggle Scout Stamp

Blugthak Stamp

Castle Defender Stamp

Usul-in-waiting Stamp

Blumaroo Court Jester Stamp

King Skarl Plushie Stamp

Nova Storm Stamp

105 Castle Secrets Stamp

Exploding Acorns Stamp

Zafara Double Agent Stamp

Battle Uni Stamp

Court Dancer Stamp

Hadrak Stamp

Morguss Stamp

Meerca Spy Stamp

The Great Battle Stamp

Lord Kass Stamp

The Three Stamp


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Library Faerie Stamp

Captain of Fyoras Guards Stamp

Healing Springs Stamp

Faerie Techo Plushie Stamp

The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity Stamp

Delina Stamp

Ruins of Faerieland Stamp

Faerieland Petpet Shopkeeper Stamp

Faerie City Stamp

Faerieland Justice Stamp

Snowglobe Faerie Stamp

Faerie Foods Stamp

Faerie Furniture Shopkeeper Stamp

Hubrid Nox Commemorative Stamp

Fountain Faerie Stamp

Fyora Faerie Doll Stamp

Destruction of Faerieland Stamp

Dark Faerie Stamp

Faerie Slorg Stamp

Fyoras Castle Stamp

Aethia Stamp

Wheel of Excitement Stamp

Faerie Caverns Stamp

Jhudoras Cloud Stamp

Queen Fyora Stamp

Haunted Woods

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Brain Tree Stamp

Esophagor Stamp

Fetch! Stamp

Haunted Mansion Stamp

Spyder Stamp

Scary Tree Stamp

Hubrid Nox Stamp

Mutant Usul Stamp

Rock Stamp

Carnival of Terror Stamp

Korbats Lab Stamp

Luperus Left Head Stamp

Luperus Centre Head Stamp

Luperus Right Head Stamp

Halloween Aisha Stamp

Spooky Gravestone Stamp

Moonlit Werelupe Stamp

Moonlit Esophagor Stamp

Edna the Zafara Stamp

Glowing Brain Tree Stamp

ARGH!!!! Donna Stamp

Count Von Roo Stamp

Misprint Meuka Stamp

Holographic Magax Stamp

Foil Slorg Stamp

Krawk Island

Riches of Krawk Island Stamp

Drooling Quadrapus Stamp

The Lighthouse Stamp

Bug Eye McGee Stamp

Docked Ship Stamp

Smugglers Cove Stamp

Dubloon-O-Matic Stamp

Dorak Stamp

The Academy Stamp

Capn Threelegs Stamp

Golden Dubloon Stamp

Grimtooth Stamp

Governor Mansion Stamp

Lost Desert

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Golden Khamette Stamp

Desert Petpets Stamp

Pyramid Sun Rise Stamp

Lost Desert Grarrl Stamp

Advisor Wessle Stamp

Senator Palpus Stamp

Midnight Desert Lupe Stamp

Ummagine Stamp

Osiris Pottery Stamp

Senator Barca Stamp

Desert Paint Brush Stamp

Peopatra Stamp

Grackle Bug Stamp

Princess Sankara Stamp

Lost Desert Scroll Stamp

Lost Desert Sphinx Stamp

Tug of War Stamp

Fruit Machine Stamp

Sakhmet Palace Stamp

Holographic Sakhmet City

Geb Stamp

Coltzan Stamp

Scarab Stamp

Lucky Coin Stamp

Holographic Coltzans Shrine Stamp


Maractite Dagger Stamp

Piraket Stamp

Seaweed Necklace Stamp

Petty Crewmate Stamp

Maraquan Defenders Stamp

Pirate Attack Stamp

Goregas Stamp

The Black Pawkeet Stamp

Scurvy Island Stamp

New Maraqua Stamp

Pirate Troops Stamp

Maraquan Troops Stamp

Chasm Beast Stamp

The Drenched Stamp

Maraquan Charger Stamp

Maraquan Blade Specialist Stamp

Garin to the Rescue Stamp

Caylis Stamp

Swordsmaster Talek Stamp

The Revenge Stamp

Jacques Stamp

Garin Stamp

Isca Stamp

Captain Scarblade Stamp

King Kelpbeard Stamp

Meridell vs. Darigan

Meridell Heroes Stamp

Darigan Citadel Stamp

Meridell Castle Stamp

Green Knight Stamp

Lisha vs Zombie Lisha Stamp

Morris Stamp

Skeith Defender Stamp

Darigan Moehog Stamp

Boris Stamp

Draik Guard Stamp

Yellow Knight Stamp

Meridell Shield Stamp

Drackonack Stamp

Darigan Shield Stamp

Darigan Eyrie Stamp

Turmaculus Stamp

Darigan Elemental Stamp

Illusen Stamp

Jeran Stamp

Golden Orb Stamp

Zombified Heroes Stamp

Lord Darigan Stamp

King Skarl Stamp

Master Vex Stamp

Darigan Spectre Stamp


Entrance to Moltara Stamp

The Arcanium Stamp

Magma Pool Stamp

Molten Morsels Stamp

Mayor of Moltara Stamp

Cogs Togs Stamp

Tangor Stamp

Moltara Town Hall Stamp

Abandoned Water Tower Stamp

Lampwyck Stamp

Igneots Cavern Stamp

Lava Monster Stamp

Igneot Stamp

Mystery Island

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Mystery Island Kougra Stamp

Mystery Island Aishas Stamp

Coco Stamp

Jhuidah Stamp

Island Native Stamp

Mystery Island Hut Stamp

Assorted Fruits Stamp

Triangular Flotsam Stamp

Zeenana Stamp

Mystery Island Grarrl Stamp

Island Acara Stamp

Haiku Stamp

Mystery Island Heads Stamp

Bottle of Sand Stamp

Island Uni Stamp

Mystery Island Chef Stamp

Tombola Stamp

Mystery Island Kiko Stamp

Island Mystic Stamp

Ryshu Stamp

Need a Better Printer Stamp

Upside Down Island Acara Stamp

One Hundred Million Neopoint Stamp

Misaligned Printer Stamp

Nibbled Cooking Pot Stamp

Neopia Central

Alien Aisha Vending Stamp

Orange Skeith Stamp

Skeith Bank Manager Stamp

Robot Skeith Stamp

Huberts Hot Dogs Stamp

Wishing Well Stamp

Money Tree Stamp

Rainbow Pool Stamp

Kauvara Stamp

Shop Wizard Stamp

Book Shop Nimmo Stamp

Petpets Stamp

Seasonal Stamp

Neolodge Stamp

Year 5 Stamp

Deluxe Money Tree Stamp

Neopian Hospital Stamp

Jelly Pop Stamp

Jelly World Stamp

Usukiland Stamp

Super Bright Rainbow Pool Stamp

Foil Food Shop Stamp

Chocolate Factory Stamp

Midnight Jelly World Stamp

Neopia Central Scene Stamp


NeoQuest Logo Stamp

NeoQuest Hero Stamp

Jahbal Stamp

Rotting Skeleton Stamp

Mist Kougra Stamp

Plains Aisha Stamp

Two Rings Archmagus Stamp

Boraxis the Healer Stamp

Two Rings Crusader Stamp

Pomanna Stamp

Mokti and Rikti Stamp

Mr Irgo Stamp

Black Bearog Stamp

Gatekeeper Stamp

Leirobas Stamp

Archmagus of Roo Stamp

Golden Mr Irgo Stamp

Zombie Faleinn Stamp

Kreai Stamp

Morax Dorangis Stamp

Guardian of Spectral Magic Stamp

Tylix Stamp

Eleus Stamp

Gors the Mighty Stamp

Xantan Stamp

Neoquest II

Trestin Stamp

Librarian Stamp

Rohanes Mother Stamp

Temple of the Sky Stamp

Hubrid Noxs Mountain Fortress Stamp

NeoQuest II Logo Stamp

Devilpuss Stamp

Celestial Talisman Stamp

Slime Titan Stamp

Kolvars Stamp

Rampaging Grundo Stamp

Northern Watch Tower Stamp

Lost City of Phorofor Stamp

Shadow Gulch Stamp

Von Roos Castle Stamp

Velm Stamp

Talinia Stamp

Rohane Stamp

Mipsy Stamp

Sword of Apocalypse Stamp

NeoQuest II Esophagor Stamp

Scuzzy Stamp

Anubits Stamp

Ramtor Stamp

Terask Stamp


Young Sophie Stamp

Rusty Door Stamp

Neovia Stamp

Guard Zomutt Stamp

Spirit of Slumber Stamp

Sentient Headstones Stamp

Mr. Krawley Stamp

Dark Ilere Stamp


Golden Coco Stamp

Dice-A-Roo Stamp

Lutari Uni Stamp

Commemorative Defenders Stamp #1

Destruct-O-Match Stamp

Commemorative Defenders Stamp #2

Grand Theft Ummagine Stamp

Shenkuu Bridge Stamp

Suteks Tomb Stamp

Attack of the Slorgs Stamp

Pile of Dung Stamp

Faerie Bubbles Stamp

Commemorative Defenders Stamp #3

Happy Lutari Stamp

Bottled Faerie Stamp

Mystery Island Travel Stamp

Shenkuu Mask Stamp

Hot Dog Hero Stamp

Rainbow Pteri Feather Stamp

Commemorative Defenders Stamp #4

Altador Travel Stamp

Gold Mote Stamp

Count Von Roo Plushie Stamp

Ready to Roll Stamp

Lab Ray Stamp

Other II

Veggie Pizza Stamp

Plesio Stamp

Shenkuu Draik Stamp

Altador Cup IX Commemorative Stamp

3D Camp AAA Stamp

Mutant Techo Plushie Stamp

Fruit Bomb Stamp

Altador Cup VIII Commemorative Stamp

Underwater Chef Stamp

Mysterious Obelisk Stamp

Halloween Ona Stamp

Threelegs vs. Techo Master Stamp

Games Master Challenge Stamp

Tasu Stamp

Plushie Slorg Stamp

Charms Stamp

Altador Cup VII Commemorative Stamp

AAA vs. Abigail Stamp

Shenkuu Helmet Stamp

Altador Cup V Commemorative Stamp

Captain of the Guard Stamp

Geraptiku Stamp

Altador Cup VI Commemorative Stamp

Brains vs. Brawn Stamp


Words of Antiquity Stamp

Qasalan Delights Stamp

Qasalan Coffee Set Stamp

Qasalan Tablet Stamp
Trapped Tomos Stamp

Ruins of Qasala Stamp

Qasalan Mummy Stamp

Scorchio Mummy Stamp

Desert Arms Stamp

Lupe Shopkeeper Stamp

Razul Stamp

Scordrax Stamp

Tomos Stamp

Nabile Stamp

Nightsteed Stamp

King Jazan Stamp

Wheel of Extravagance Stamp


Shenkuu City Stamp

Kentari Stamp

Negg Noodles Stamp

Linae Stamp

Shenkuu Stamp

Orange Draik Stamp

Captain Tuan Stamp

Anshu Stamp

Enchanted Pudao Stamp

Kazeriu Stamp

Bonju Stamp

Pineapple Dessert Stamp

Cyodrakes Gaze Logo Stamp

Kou-Jong Tile Stamp

Kentari Spyglass Stamp

Hoban Stamp

Thoughtful Linae Stamp

Orrin Stamp

Shumi Telescope Stamp

Biyako Stamp

The Cyodrakes Gaze Stamp

Anshu Fishing Stamp

Wise Gnorbu Stamp

Quilin Stamp

Shenkuu Stamp

Snowy Valley

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Snow Wars Catapult Stamp

Rainbow Slushie Stamp

Frosty Snowman Stamp

Wintery Petpet Shop Stamp

Wintery Bruce Stamp

Christmas Meerca Stamp

Terror Mountain Scene Stamp

Igloo Garage Sale Stamp

Rink Runner Stamp

Christmas Kougra Stamp

Christmas Uni Stamp

Christmas Zafara Stamp

Scratchcard Kiosk Stamp

Candychan Stamp

Grundo Snowthrow Stamp

Stocking Stamp

Cliffhanger Stamp

Christmas Scene Stamp


Negg Faerie Stamp

Snow Faerie Stamp

Ski Lodge Stamp

Snowager Stamp

Snowbunny Stamp

Sticky Snowflake Stamp

Treasures of the Deep

Circlet of the Deep

Tiara of the Deep

Hair Clip of the Deep

Hairpin of the Deep

Bangles of the Deep

Brilliant Negg Crown

Armlet of the Deep

Diadem of the Deep

Enameled Peophin Brooch of the Deep

Coronet of the Deep

Earrings of the Deep

Exquisite Peophin Ring of the Deep

Necklace of the Deep

Anklet of the Deep

Choker of the Deep


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Chomby Stamp

Tyrannian Elephante Stamp

Grarrg Stamp

Tyrannian Kougra Stamp

Tyrannia Stamp

Omelette Stamp

Tar Pit Stamp

Wock Til You Drop Stamp

Tyrannian Grarrl Stamp

Chunk of Meat Stamp

Tyrannian Kyrii Stamp

Tyrannian Jubjub Stamp

Tyrannian Korbat Stamp

Tyrannian Blumaroo Stamp

Tyrannian Plateau Stamp

Flying Korbats Stamp

Stone Armchair Stamp

Giant Leaf Curtains Stamp

Bone Chair Stamp

Tyrannian Usul Stamp

Monocerous Stamp

Kyruggi Stamp

Discovery of Fire Stamp

Shiny Monoceraptor Stamp

Stone Stamp


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Grimilix Stamp

Neopet Version 2 Stamp

Gormball Stamp

Splat-A-Sloth Stamp

Dr. Sloth Stamp

Space Faerie Stamp

Grinning Sloth Stamp

Zygorax Stamp

Purple Grundo Stamp

Commander Garoo Stamp

Roast Gargapple Stamp

N4 Bot Stamp

Blarthrox Stamp

Tazzalor Stamp

Zyrolon Stamp

Advert Attack Stamp

Evil Fuzzles Stamp

Gargarox Isafuhlarg Stamp

Mutant Grundo Stamp

Zurroball Stamp

Double Printed Evil Fuzzle Stamp

Inverted Space Faerie Stamp

Grundo Warehouse Stamp

Virtupets Space Station Stamp

Holographic Virtupets Stamp


Nimmo Gnome Collectable Charm

Chia Gnome Collectable Charm

Yellow Paint Brush Collectable Charm

Bika Collectable Charm

Chomby Gnome Collectable Charm

Snowager Collectable Charm

Green Paint Brush Collectable Charm

Flower Trumpet Collectable Charm

Tagobo Potion Collectable Charm

Bori Gnome Collectable Charm

Glyme Collectable Charm

Faerie Techo Plushie Collectable Charm

Schnelly Collectable Charm

Red Paint Brush Collectable Charm

Pinchit Collectable Charm

Faerie Buzz Plushie Collectable Charm

Tigerfruit Collectable Charm

Blue Paint Brush Collectable Charm

Cyodrake Collectable Charm

Gallion Collectable Charm

Techo Statue Collectable Charm

Taiko Standing Drum Collectable Charm

Elephante Lamp Collectable Charm

Charms II

Imposter Apple Collectable Charm

Wherfy Collectable Charm

Evil Coconuts

Angry Evil Coconut

Sinister Evil Coconut

Ugly Evil Coconut

Screaming Evil Coconut

Horned Evil Coconut

Infernal Evil Coconut

Burning Evil Coconut

Mini Evil Coconut

Silent Evil Coconut

Monstrous Evil Coconut

Tusked Evil Coconut

Hairy Evil Coconut

Painted Evil Coconut

Stitched Evil Coconut

Wailing Evil Coconut

Light Brown Evil Coconut

Damaged Evil Coconut

Flaming Evil Coconut

Seasonal Evil Coconut

One Eyed Evil Coconut

Vicious Evil Coconut

Moaning Evil Coconut

Sliced Evil Coconut

Scorched Evil Coconut

Golden Evil Coconut


Silver Babaa Coin

Book Coin

Brass Usuki Coin

Money Tree Coin

Rainbow Pool Coin

Eliv Thade Coin

Turtum Coin

Silver Buzzer Coin

Snow Paint Brush Coin

Frozen Snowflake Coin

Silver Concert Hall Coin

Hasee Coin

Bronze Mystery Island Coin

Golden Scarab Coin

Giant Ghostkerchief Coin

Defenders of Neopia Coin

Goo Blaster Coin

Larnikin Coin

Paint Brush Coin

Chocolate Factory Coin

Battledome Coin

Dr Sloth Coin

Crystal Kauvara Coin

Neopian Times Coin

Emerald Eyrie Coin

Maractite Coins

Squared Maractite Coin

Half Maractite Coin

Seaweed Design Maractite Coin

Dual Tone Maractite Coin

Worn Maractite Coin

Maraquan Kau Maractite Coin

Runed Maractite Coin

Maraquan Skeith Maractite Coin

Maraquan Draik Maractite Coin

Large Maractite Coin

Streaked Maractite Coin

Round Maractite Coin

Ancient Peophin Maractite Coin

Floral Maractite Coin


Basic Yellow Collectable Scarab

Polkadot Collectable Scarab

Orange Spotted Collectable Scarab

Common Desert Collectable Scarab

Bushy Antennae Collectable Scarab

Striped Blue Collectable Scarab

Basic Fringed Collectable Scarab

Flashy Winged Collectable Scarab

Large Black and White Collectable Scarab

Simple Red Collectable Scarab

Long Headed Collectable Scarab

Day and Night Collectable Scarab

Purple Collectable Scarab

Speckled Collectable Scarab

Uncommon Blue Collectable Scarab

Horned Collectable Scarab

Greater Green Collectable Scarab

Rainbow Collectable Scarab

Dazzling Verdant Collectable Scarab

Black and Yellow Collectable Scarab

Spotted Red Collectable Scarab

Greater Yellow Collectable Scarab

Sparkleback Collectable Scarab

Spotted Blue Collectable Scarab

Large Black Collectable Scarab

Sea Shells

Green Clam Shell

Purple Scallop Shell

Glossy Blue Shell

Green Smooth Shell

Tangerine Trumpet Shell

Brown Spotted Shell

Rainbow Coloured Shell

Spiky Shell

Crimson Spotted Shell

Camouflage Scallop Shell

Pink Curly Shell

Shiny Purple Cowry Shell

Blue Spiral Sea Shell

Faerie Wings Shell

Spiky Orange Murex Shell

Sparkly Green Scallop Shell

Dazzling Blue Mussel Shell

Deep Sea Shell

Purple Spiral Shell

Blue and Gold Tube Shell

Tiny Golden Shell

Matching Pastel Shells

Royal Orange Cowry Shell

Purple Twirly Shell

Golden Shell

Space Station Coins

Grundo Veggieballs Coin

Grobleen Salad Coin

Cosmic Cheese Stars Coin

Roast Gargapple Coin

Zoomik Coin

Vacumatic 9000 Coin

N-4 Information Retrieval Bot Coin

GX-4 Oscillabot Coin

Gargaroxs Recipe Book Coin

Gormball Coin

Electro Shield Coin

H4000 Helmet Coin

Grundo Warehouse Coin

Adopt A Grundo Coin

Evil Fuzzle Coin

Splat A Sloth Coin

Astral Blade Coin

Lever of Doom Coin

Super Nova Coin

Mallow Coin

Bzzt Blaster Coin

Gorix and Cylara Coin

Neopet V2 Coin

Smiling Space Faerie Coin

Scowling Sloth Coin

Dr. Sloth Auctions

It seems the staff at Neopets have listened to visitors who have been saying some of the extremely rare stamps are now missing from the economy, having been released very exclusively a long time ago. To help Neopians with their collections, Dr. Sloth has been having some special auctions over the last year to re-introduce some of the old r101 auctions back into the economy.

Auctioned Stamps 2011

Commander Garoo Stamp
Commander Garoo Stamp
February 2011 Auction
Scary Tree Stamp
Scary Tree Stamp
March 2011 Auction
Midnight Jelly World Stamp
Midnight Jelly World Stamp
April 2011 Auction
Petpets Stamp
Petpets Stamp
May 2011 Auction
Kyruggi Stamp
Kyruggi Stamp
June 2011 Auction
Kyruggi Stamp
Kyruggi Stamp
July 2011 Auction
(Same as June)
Mystery Island Grarrl Stamp
Mystery Island Grarrl Stamp
August 2011 Auction
Coltzan Stamp
Coltzan Stamp
September 2011 Auction
Scary Tree Stamp
Scary Tree Stamp
October 2011 Auction
(Same as March)

Auctioned Stamps 2014

Coltzan Stamp
Coltzan Stamp
February 2014 Auction
Wock Til You Drop Stamp
Wock Til You Drop Stamp
July 2014 Auction
Written by Xepha
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